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No, the chlorination will not harm the dog.

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Is drinking chlorinated water safe?

Yes, properly chlorinated water is safe to drink.

Can Hand Foot and Mouth Disease survive in a chlorinated swimming pool?

No HFMD can not survive in Chlorinated water. Actually the chlorinated water will help Sue M MD

Does swimming in a chlorinated pool cause skin darkening?

yes, chlorinated water does cause skin darkening

When do you chlorinate?

Drinking water is chlorinated to avert the risk of harmful micro organisms causing ilness in the public through drinking water. It is also used to keep swimming pools safe.

Why is drinking water chlorinated?

To kill harmful organisms in the water that would make you sick.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Dallas?

It is safe to drink tap water in Dallas because the water chlorinated.

Is high chlorinated pool water harmful to you?

Yes, the chlorine will burn your skin

What is the difference between salt water swimming pools and chlorinated swimming pools?

They are actually both chlorinated. The "salt water pool" simply means there is a salt chlorine generator that makes chlorine from the salt. The water usually has a softer feel it as well.

Why is swimming in a natural water different from swimming in a pool?

Swimming pools are chlorinated (have Cl2 added to it) and filtered to decrease bacteria and dirt content.

What are harmful effects of water pollution?

well, animals drink that water it can poison them or if we drink that water it can poison us. Like somethings look clean but arent, what if you take your child swimming in that water? most likely water goes into the mouth when swimming, and may be swallowed especially if a child is playing in water.

Will mosquitoes hatch in swimming pools?

Mosquitoes will hatch in swimming pools if the water is stagnant, However if the water is regularly run through filtration and chlorinated this should not be a problem.

Can tap water kill a sperm?

Chlorinated tap water and chlorinated swimming pool water is unhealthy for sperm. It kills them. But don't think that water is a useful contraceptive - it is not strong enough to guarantee any success in preventing pregnancy.

What can happen if you swim in a pool with a chlorine level that is too high?

It is very unlikely for someone to experience chlorine poisoning by swimming, even in highly chlorinated pool water. Nonetheless, be sure to shower after swimming, because regular, chlorinated pool water can easily irritate skin and hair.

Does chlorine water make you tired?

I have found swimming in ch water is ok, but since our town was forced to drink chlorinated water as of this month, i believe it has made me very sick which is also a cause of being very tired. i cant wake up in the morning.

Is chlorinated water healthy?

not particularly but a little chlorine is less harmful then some of the micro organisms that like to live in it.

Are Public Salt water swimming pools as safe as chlorinated ones from communicable diseases as HIV?

Oh yes, viruses and other agents of disease are impeded by salt water just as much as they are by chlorinated fresh water. HIV does not spread through salt water.

Why is water healthy to drink and not oil?

We live by drinking water. Why drink oil? its harmful

Can a goldfish live in chlorinated water?

No fish can live in Chlorinated water

Can you dye your hair after swimming?

I depends if it is a chlorinated pool. If so, wait 24-72 hours. If it is natural water, you do not have to wait.

Go swimming with poison oak sore?

If you are swimming in clean, chlorinated water this would be safe. If the water is not very clean, then there is a risk of exposing your sore to an infection. Personally, I would wait for the sore to heal.

What are the risks of drinking chlorinated water?

If the water is properly chlorinated, there is no risk in drinking it.

Do red-eared slider turles drink from a water bowl?

No, they drink the water that they are swimming/living in.

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