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Probably not, but why would you?

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Q: Is it harmful to flush 6 egg yolks down the toilet every day?
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What rhymes with folks?

yolks - like egg yolks

Are egg yolks healthy?

Yes! The yolks have nutrition and energy for you.

What is an egg with no yolk?

No such thing exists. All eggs that chickens lay have yolks in them. Some may have double (or even triple) yolks, but not no yolks.

Where was the most yolks in a chicken egg?

In the center/middle of the egg, is where all the yolks.

How many eggs yolks in 150 grams?

That is approximately 7.5 yolks from Large eggs.

Can you substitute whole eggs for egg yolks when baking?

No, whole eggs are not a good substitute for egg yolks when baking. A good substitute for egg yolks is olive oil.

How many egg yolks equal one egg?

4 egg yolks= 1 egg

How many yolks were in the largest egg on record in the world?

there are about 23 yolks in the world biggest egg

What to do with egg yolks?

scrambled eggs? omlette? Egg yolks are a major source of vitamins and minerals.

Is it true you only use egg yolks in egg custard and not the white?

It is a richer custard if you use just yolks. But you can use more yolks than whites and it will still be yummy.

What is the world record for the largest number of yolks found in one egg?

9 full egg yolks

Why do some chicken eggs have double yolks?

Some chicken eggs have double yolks , is as they have two embryos.

Are egg yolks orange or yellow?

Egg yolks range in color from pale yellow to deep orange.

How many calories in 2 egg yolks?

There are:216 - 220 calories in the yolks of two large eggs..

Are yolks good for you?


What can you do to replace amlopine?


What is the function of egg yolks in lemon meringue pie?

Egg yolks help to hold the filling of the pie together.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Yolks on You - 1980?

The cast of The Yolks on You - 1980 includes: Nancy Wible as Prissy

How long boil eggs?

That would depend on how soft you want to yolks to be. If you want to yolks to still be runny, you should boil the eggs for 4 minutes, if you want the yolks to be hard, boil it for 8-10 minutes.

Are egg yolks are high in protein?

Egg yolks have more protein and nutrition than egg whites, and they taste better.

What can be used to substitute egg yolks?

Nothing, I'm afraid. Egg yolks are very niche in their properties, as such they have no good substitutes.

What are the release dates for The Yolks on You - 1980 TV?

The Yolks on You - 1980 TV was released on: USA: 1 April 1980

Do egg yolks raise cholesterol?


How many Yolks in a pound?

About 23

What color are egg yolks?