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Q: Is it healthful to swallow semen?
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Can women swallow sperm?

Yes, women can swallow semen. So can men. If the contributor of the semen is healthy, it will not hurt you to swallow semen.

Will you get pregnant if you swallow his semen?

No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

Can woman swallow semen?

Yes women can swallow semen as though most females fin it gross or disgusting

Can you get pregnant if you swallow the guys semen?


Could you get pregnant if you swallow semen?


Can you get sick if you swallow semen?

lol no

Is it okay to swallow semen if you have diabetes?

There's no problem if you swallow ones semen or your own semen if you have diabetes Unless you mix it with sugar or something sweet can be attributed to high sugar level

Can a man swallow a women semen?

Women don't produce semen. If it's producing semen, it's not a woman.

Does semen can add vitamin e when you swallow?


Can i get infected of herpes by swallow semen?


What happens after girl swallow semen?

She digests it.

Are you gay if you don't swallow the semen?

Yes, you can still be gay, even if you don't swallow the semen. Gay is about being sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex.

Can a women get pregnant if she swallow semen?

No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

If a girl is pregnant can she swallow semen?

sure no harm in it....

Can girl get pregnant if she swallow semen in her periods?

no not at all

What are the chances of having HIV when swallow semen?

Im guessing you mean Catching HIV, not having HIV. And yes, if you swallow the semen of someone who is HIV positive, you can catch it from that.

How many women swallow semen?

All the good ones.

What if you swallow semen that may be infected with chlamydia?

If you swallow semen infected with chlamydia, you can get a chlamydia infection in your throat. If you think you may have been exposed to chlamydia, see your health care provider for testing.

Is it safe to swallow semen while breastfeeding?

yes................joymaker rn

Can a girl get pregnant if she swallow semen in her mouth?

No, not unless you have a virgina in your mouth!

Can you get pregnant if you swallow a man's semen?

No. There is no link between the stomach and the uterus.

Can you swallow semen if you have a nut allergy?

Yes you can swallow Seaman if you have a nut allergy. Seamen contains no Peanut or any nut products.

Is sperm ok to swallow?

Believe it or not, there is some nutritional value in semen. It is not poisonous.

Do gay guys like to swallow semen?

Some do, some don't.

Can man swallow womens sperm or semen?

Women's fluid has everything but the sperm, but yes, they can and do swallow some (harmlessly) when engaging in oral on a female.