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No, not if the parents of the 16 year old approve of it.

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it isn't illegal. but it is illegal to have sexual with each other at those ages

the answer is yes she can, at 16 she would need ur concent. at 17 she can move out, with out parental concent.

Is their birthday coming up before then?You better be turning 17 soon or it will be illegal to move in. It is ok to date with someone that age but moving in would.. Take it to a more advanced level. And it doesn't really matter what gender you are.A:It is illegal in the UK until the younger person is 16-years-old, on which then it becomes legal.

sure why not go for it naaaaaaaaaaaaa im just joking well i dont think so because the 16 yr old is still a minor in new york so i guess its the same way in pensylvania. Its not illegal to "move in' with anyone. I suspect that this is really not your question.

Legally speaking, if you are 18, you can move out whenever you want.

It is not illegal for you to move in with your boyfriend who is 16, that is IF YOU HAVE PARENTS PERMISSION TO DO SO. Because you are not 18 which still makes you a minor, and you still have to do what mom and dad says

Of course not, it would be illegal. You must be an adult to move out without permission.

no it is not illegal for DATING in any case, but if you were to have sex right now or even in the next year he could get in trouble depending on the age of conesent for your state

Technically they cannot move out until they are an adult. That won't be until they turn 18.

It is illegal for a 17 year old to run away in North Carolina. You have to be 18 years of age to move out of your parent's home.

You'll need very good cause to get emancipated at the age of 16 and a way to support yourself. Not just to live with your fiance and if you don't have a good cause and your parent's aren't in agreement with you than tough luck. Hope there's no sexual contact between you and your fiance because in the meantime it's illegal if he's over 18 sweetie.

i dont think so she will be 18 soon so they cant do anything

== == Answer No. Age of majority in Missouri is 18. Not being married, she is not yet emancipated. Her ability to reproduce is not a factor.

a year or two if your over 18 is just the right time

Not unless she has parental permission, and even in that event you still need to be concerned with your state laws regarding things such as the age of sexual consent.

since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents. since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents.

Yes, a 17 year old can move out of their parent's house in Louisiana without the parents permission. Authorities cannot make you move back in with your parents since this is the way the law is set up.

yes it moves a little bit a year you cant tell but they do move soon you will tell.

No. That is her fiance, because of their relationship he can not be her legal guardian.

No, not unless the fiance's parents consent and they would most likely have to give up rights to you and your father so they are no long liable for their child

Being provided for is irrelevant. A 17-year-old is a minor and therefore, unless they have been emancipated, their parents get to decide where they live. At 18, you can move anywhere you want without parental consent.

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