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Hey, that is a great question!!!! While your reading this keep in mind that this is my opinion and is not supported by any juris prudence. I do not believe that any company can sue you for displaying their logo as a tattoo, but they can sue me for displaying their logo on my tattoo shop walls as 'flash'... A number of years back Warner Bros., Disney and a few others tried to make shops take their copy righted images down, and while I'm not sure about these facts the producers of the flash sheets displaying copy righted characters were stopped by the courts from puttin the images on their 'flash' sheets. However they could not stop the artists from doing an artistic rendition of said images on the skin....Maybe some one with a few more facts can help us out here.........TatuBaron

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Is it illegal to use a company's logo on your website without express permission?

Yes, it is illegal to use a companies logo on your website without express permission. This is considered to be stolen copyrighted material.

What logo does Shaquille O'Neal have tattooed on his bicep?


Will red bull sponsor you to get there logo tattooed on you?

I got there logo tattooed on me and I emailed there head quarters to only receive 4 small sugar free cans of redbull. To me not worth the lifetime commitment

What companies will put a logo on seats?

The companies that will put logos on seats is the Logo Chair Inc, and also the American Chairs company. These companies out logos of favorite sports teams, and different company logos on chairs like a Ford logo, or a FSU logo.

What do the three black lines mean for paramore?

It is there logo or sign. Hayley has it tattooed on left wrist. Thanks for asking:D

What companies have a butterfly as a logo?


What logo is a crocodile?

Two companies use the shape or image of a crocodile in their logo. The companies are Lacoste (genetton green) and Crocs (black).

What company has the logo with the word drought?

There are two large companies with the word "drought" in the logo. They are both alcohol companies. They are:Stella ArtoisGuinness

What companies use a compass as their logo?


What companies have a little bird logo?

twitter does...

Which companies logo is a red ni?


Logos of different companies?

Companies have different logos to help you identify them. Some examples of company logos include the colorful google logo, the Starbucks logo in green, and the cursive Coca Cola logo.

Is it illegal to sell goods that I make from a picture of an item someone else is selling like a baseball teams logo?

A logo image is the property of the person or organization it represents.Using someone else's logo to make a profit is illegal unless you have the permission of the logo owner to use it in that manner.

What watch companies use a crown logo?


What companies logo is two globes?

mastercard ?? try that

What companies logo is two globes with a web?


What companies logo is a multi colored tornado?

Jamba Juice uses a multi colored tornado for its logo.

Who designed the first Audi logo?

The first Audi logo was designed by the companies that originally merged together to form Audi. These companies were the commpanies DKW, Horch, Wanderer, and Audi. When these companies came together to become a single company, the Audi logo was designed by the Auto Union AG.

Can you download windows logo in your computer for free?

The Windows logo is copyrighted to Microsoft and it is illegal to save the image onto your computer.

What type of companies are listed under the Trimark logo?

The types of companies that are listed under the Trimark logo are sports apparel and uniform companies. Some of the names of the companies that are under the Trimark Sportswear Group are Rivers End Trading Company and LA Loving.

Is it illegal to make a nurse buy new scrubs with work logo on it?


Is it illegal to offer goods for sale if the item has a fake brand name logo on them?

yes as the logo belongs to the brand owner there for it is copyright

Where can I buy a logo maker for my stationary?

You can buy your own logo maker at otherwise if you want someone else to create your logo or put your own logo on stationary and not have to do it yourself does that for you.

How do you replace edit any companies logo with my name?

You take a big fat loan from the bank, then you go out and buy the company. Then you edit the logo, sell the company again to a third person or at the market and repay your loan. Then you will not only have edited the companys logo, you have also created a brand for yourself that has value as long as the company and its products are alive.

What companies use a W square box logo?