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Is it illegal to get a companies logo tattooed on yourself?


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September 07, 2007 6:43AM

Hey, that is a great question!!!! While your reading this keep in mind that this is my opinion and is not supported by any juris prudence. I do not believe that any company can sue you for displaying their logo as a tattoo, but they can sue me for displaying their logo on my tattoo shop walls as 'flash'... A number of years back Warner Bros., Disney and a few others tried to make shops take their copy righted images down, and while I'm not sure about these facts the producers of the flash sheets displaying copy righted characters were stopped by the courts from puttin the images on their 'flash' sheets. However they could not stop the artists from doing an artistic rendition of said images on the skin....Maybe some one with a few more facts can help us out here.........TatuBaron