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I think it's illegal to have neon underglow in Texas.

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Q: Is it illegal to have neon underglow in Texas?
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Are neon underglow lights illegal in Missouri?


How do you get mod on your car and make it glow?

if your talking about neon underglow then you can buy the kit off the internet

How long do neon underglow lights last?

A Couple Of Years /Months A Couple Of Years /Months

Are neon lights illegal in the state of Tennesse?

Neon lights are not illegal if they are under the car and not distracting. If they are on the back or front of a car, they are illegal.

Are Underglow Lights illegal in Massachusetts?

I Would Call your Local Police Station Just to Be safe, But there aren't any Laws stating you cannot have them. Go Nuts!

What cars have underglow in saints row 2?

None,but there will be underglow available for every land vehicle in Saints Row: The Third

What color underglow goes well with a yellow car?

I'd probably go with red or yellow. Just remember that it is illegal in most states to have those on while driving.

Are Underglow Lights Legal In Hawaii?


Is spotlighting illegal in Texas?

is spotlighting illegal in Texas

What color neon's are illegal in New Zealand?

The only colour neon lights come in is red.

Is it illegal to have neon dust caps on peddle bikes?


What is that colored glow I see coming from under some cars at night?

Underglow are lights that are positioned underneath a car. They can display different colors and are used for style and to illuminate the area under the car. Some underglow may infringe upon certain laws and are illegal. For instance, red and blue colors may be problematic because they are synonymous with emergency vehicles.