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Is it illegal to hit a girl if their a minor?


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Hitting anyone, regardless of sex or age is illegal.

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out side of self defense its illegal to hit anyone but its imoral to hit a girl

It is illegal for him to hit or touch her. It is illegal for her to hit him. It is battery.

Yes. but not because she is a girl. its illegal for anybody to hit anybody. it is assault. it is illegal for a male to hit a female. and it is illegal for a female to hit a male. unless in self defence. so whoever throws the first hit, is in the wrong.

It is not illegal to kiss a minor or even date a minor. It is only illegal to have sex with a minor if there is not parental consent.

Male or female, it is still a case of an adult and a minor. It is illegal for an adult to have carnal knowledge with a minor. Period.

First that "boy" is not a boy he is an adult man and she is a minor. Yes, it is illegal since she is a minor. He can be arrested for rape.

Yes. He is an adult at 23 and she is a minor at 17. It is illegal.

It's illegal to serve a minor ANYWHERE

In most (if not all) of the states in the US, it's illegal to hit anybody. It's not legal to hit a girl in the UK either. It's bad if a man hits a girl.

Yes very illegal...don't do it.....corrupting a minor the charge may be..

Yes, it is illegal for a minor to be in possession of alcohol at all.

It means that someone has enticed a minor to do illegal acts. Having sexual contact with a minor is illegal.

illegal! if they are a minor, but still illegal!

In most places, it isn't illegal for a minor to smoke. It's illegal only to sell a minor tobacco.

It's illegal for a minor to buy a gun anywhere in the US.

It is not illegal to question a minor. They do have to have an advocate there.

You can't hit women as it's illegal, and if it's two different people of sex, it'll make a fight.

That would probably be considered grooming = prepping a minor for real sex, and that is illegal in many places.

No, it is not illegal. Parents always have the legal right to act on behalf of their minor children.

No this act is illegal since the girl is a minor. The girl must be over eighteen years of age, or an adult, for this to be considered legal.

Yes but if the girl hits the boy first the boy can hit her back also if the girl hits the boy first he can call the police on her for assualt so whoever had the first hit did the assualt. P.S it is sexist to say girls can hit boys as much as they want.

Dating is not illegal. Having sex is illegal. Since a minor is not legally considered an adult, consenting to sex is out of the question.

Yes, hitting someone regardless of gender is known as assault and is illegal.

It was a minor hit in 1994 reaching number 69. Then the remix by Todd Terry was released and it was a hit in 1995 reaching number 3.

no, i don't think old his the minor and adult?

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