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You need to apply for your green card (permanent residency) so you can become legal if you have not done so already.

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Q: Is it illegal to live in the USA without a green card although you are separated from your husband of three years and awaiting a divorce?
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What does estranged wife mean?

wife separated from husband pending divorce

If divorce and husband dies can you say you are a widow?

No because he is not still your husband. You have divorced yourself from him, so therefore have separated yourself from him.

Is it legal for your husband to be living with the woman he had an affair. We are not legally separated although I have filed for divorce?

No by law it is not possible or legal to stay with a mistress , before the divorce is mase final. You could file saying he is unfaithful as well as ondesertion grounds. These all strengthen your divorce case.

Does a woman have to get her husband on her car insurance if they are separated and going through a divorce?

No, if he's not driving her car.

Your husband and you are legally separated in FL with no plans for a divorce. If you die can he get your personal brokerage acct you want to leave to your sister as Transfer upon your death?

If you have a will stating that, it would be difficult for your separated husband to get those funds. But save yourself the trouble and just get a divorce.

How does a FL husband get separated from a NY wife?

They both must file for a divorce, from the city they are both staying in .

Husband and wife aren't separated yet but husband is sleeping at female coworkers house?

I assume you mean "not legally separated/divorced yet". Sleeping around is not against the law. In general, unless the "sleeping around" is the problem that caused divorce, it isn't even grounds for divorce.

Why didn't god let wives divorce abusive husbands according to the Torah?

There is no prohibition against divorce in the Torah. Although the husband has to initiate divorce according to Jewish law, in cases of abuse, the husband can be forced to do so. The exception regarding no prohibition against divorce is that a husband can't divorce his wife due to illness or inability to have children.

You have been separated from your husband for 18 years are you still considered married in ny state?

Yes. There is no concept of "common law" divorce. Divorce is an actual legal process.

I have been separated from my husband for over a month now. He lives in georgia now do I have to wait to file for a divorce Thank you Lisa?

You can file for divorce at the County Courthouse in Columbus.

If your husband dies will you inherit even though you have been separated not legally for nine years?

If you are separated but never took the steps to divorce, you in general would inherit all property.

If someone is married and marries again is the second marriage legal?

If you have not gotten a divorce from the first mate then you are still married to them. In Canada, if you are separated for 7 years then you can apply to the courts for a divorce without your husband being there. I am not sure if 7 years applies in yours state so go to: ASK: If you are separated from your husband what is statute of limitations for a divorce in ___________? ****Put the name of your State in. Good luck Marcy

If you have been separated for 6 years after filing for divorce in California and your husband has a child with another woman are you liable for any child support since the divorce is not final?

If you're the noncustodial parent, you might be liable. The fact that your husband has a child by someone else is irrelevant to this.

Your husband and you have been separated for over a year can you get a divorce from him even thou he lives in a different state and has no permanent address?

Yes, you can, but you need a lawyer to do this.

When did Alice walker divorce her husband?

no she did not have a divorce

Is there a divorce policy in Egypt?

Yes, but it is much harder for a wife to divorce her husband than for a husband to divorce his wife in Egypt.

What is the best way to get your husband to move out Before the divorce us final We live in an apartment and his name is not on the Lease?

tell him to get out, get legally separated and call the cops.

You have been separated from your husband for 20 years and using a single women status for all legal paper Is it illegal?

yep. no divorce = still married.

Do guys who are separated ever divorce their wives?

Some guys who are separated do divorce their wives, but most of the time, the wife breaks up with the husband! (shocking) NOT! They do not like being alone! If you go on a buisness trip you should try to get her to come with you. Or you could get her to go with her friends or something. You just can't leave them alone, they begin to think of you as a bad husband, or boyfriend the more that you are away from them!

Can your husband filed a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant?

Yes, your husband can file for a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant.

What does it mean when you dream that you divorce your husband?

This dream suggests that the dreamer feels separated or cut off from someone or something important in her life. The dream does not predict any event, and it does not necessarily refer to the relationship with her husband.

Why did Anita Baker and husband divorce?

Anita Baker was married to husband Walter Bridgforth in 1988. They separated in 2005 and divorced two years later. Supposedly, Walter cheated on Anita multiple times.

Can you be forced to divorce?

no you can not be forced to divorce your husband or wife

What happens if the queen were to divorce her husband?

No divorce allowed

Would anyone move in with a separated woman who is not divorced yet?

Yes if you love each other and you have a good relationship together. Being separated is easy, but getting a divorce is harder and can be expensive. I was separated from my first husband when I met my 2nd husband. I was up front with him because I wanted him to know the risks he could be taking (I was filing for divorce and my boyfriend could be named in the divorce by my ex) and he was thankfully willing to take the risk. He lived with me on the weekends only (just the way it was) and things worked out well. I eventually managed to get my divorce in time. The only reason I wanted the divorce was because it would free me up if I ever chose to get married, which I did. Good luck Marcy