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Q: Is it important to know if the plumbing fixtures are flush valve or flush tank when calculating water supply pipe sizes?
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Where can you buy an ADA toilet?

Any plumbing supply that sells fixtures

What is the address for Sterling Plumbing?

Sterling Plumbing is a company in Wisconsin that sells plumbing fixtures and supplies. It is operated by the Kohler brand plumbing supply company, and has the following physical address: 444 Highland Drive Kohler, WI 53044

What is the average cost to plumb a house?

"Plumbing" not including gas or heating Figure $560,000 depending on filing fees and fixtures selected and water supply and waste disposal

Can I find plumbing schematics on my house's blueprints?

You should be able to find fixtures, but not the piping to or from them. You can usually figure shortest path fixture to supply, but sometimes something else is in the way.

What is modern plumbing?

Modern Plumbing Supply is a kitchen and bath fixture retailer with three locations across Connecticut. The Berlin showroom offers a wide variety of fixtures from sinks and bathtubs to mirrors, cabinet hardware and more, ranging from low- to high-end. It serves all of Connecticut.

What is the best plumbing supply store in Texas?

Austin Plumbing Supply 5520 Burnet Rd Austin , TX

What is the purpose of a supply line in plumbing?

supply potable water

What is the plumbing code for bathrooms?

Plumbing for a bathroom involves installing pipes and fixtures to provide a functional and efficient space. It involves connecting the water supply, waste and vent pipes, installing a toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub, and ensuring proper drainage. Before starting, it's important to consider the location of pipes, the type of fixtures to be installed, and the overall layout of the bathroom. A licensed plumber should be consulted to ensure code compliance and proper installation. Proper plumbing will prevent leaks, improve water pressure, and provide a safe and convenient bathroom environment.

Does Kohler still remain the highest plumbing supply manufacturer on the market?

Kohler has always been the leading plumbing supply producer on the market.

Where lines carry water directly to the fixtures?

Supply lines

What are plumbing Rough-in stops?

Roughed-in plumbing refers to plumbing (water and waste lines) installed for future fixtures, for example, a bathroom in a basement. Stops refer to shut-off valves on water supply lines, required to shut-off the water to repair the fixture that they service. So "Rough-in stops" are shut-off valves on supply lines that are roughed-in. If they were not roughed-in, you would need to break concrete floor (to install waste lines) if/when you decided to add a bathroom to your basement family room.

What plumbing supply house sells rheem tankless hot water heater?

General Plumbing Supply. Check with Rheem, all makers have specific dealers