Is it inappropriate for an adult sister to sit on her older brother's lap?

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no you two are brother and sister and therefor u have a family relationship that in no way can be inapropriate although there are lines that should not be crossed such as inbreed or incest.. sitting on a family members lap is not at all inappropriate
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What should you do if you like your older brother's friend?

I wouldn't even mess with that. What if he and your brother are really good friends and then you go out with that friend and the friend treats you bad, or you guys break up then that would mess up the relationship your brother had and they would fight. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Go out a ( Full Answer )

How do you sit on a guys lap?

Snuggle with him. If he accepts that, move into his lap. If he is sitting, you can smile at him and sit on his lap. If you want to play it safe, then ask him while smiling.

Why does your cat sit on your lap?

Some cats like attention and to get it they lay on a lap. Cats are loving animals, showing they like you, or own you they lay on your lap.

Can you marry your brother's wife's sister?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with it and it is actually relatively common. Yes as long as they have no biological relation to you. Yes, there is no legal relationship between you. Sure, it's possible, just be sure it is God's plan for your life before you jump into marriage! Sometime ( Full Answer )

How do you get a cat to sit on your lap?

1. Hold some tuna. 2. You can't really get a cat to do anything they don't want to. Even with tuna.. 3. You have to gain a lot of trust from your cat to get it to sit on your knee so i suggest just kep stroking it and feeding it make sure it knows that you care and slowly but surely he/she will gr ( Full Answer )

How do you sit on a guys lap facing him?

You have to straddle his legs, but that does make you look promiscuous. It's best just to sit sideways and turn to face him unless you want him to get the idea that you want to have sex.

Who is an older adult?

I suppose an older adult would be the older of the two being compared. eg, A 31 year-old is older than a 30 year-old. I don't think the word older can be used unless comaparing the age of two persons or things. Hmmm, makes me wonder if an older adult is older than an old adult.

Why do dogs sit on your lap?

Dogs do this to make them feel and be more dominant. Some dogs are also possessive and they want to be protective if their owner or territory.

Man sitting on a womans lap?

It's arousing to see thick thighs and legs to sit on, along with fuller or shapely lips on a woman!!! It's an sexual stimulant, especially when they are wearing short elastic shorts like volleyball shorts, or a short mini-skirt of any material. Or when they throw their head back and all you see is t ( Full Answer )

Do guys like it when you sit in there lap?

NO. I would have to say this from the bottom of my heart. All boys feel uncomfortable with that, and if they don't, you need to ask yourself if you are dating the right boy. of corse ! why wouldn't they? it feels good to their dick ispecially if it s sticking up!

How do you get a girl to sit on your lap?

you must build up a bond or trust with her in order to get her to sit on your lap and you must let her know that it wont go to fast to eventually have sex with her so let her know how much you care and in one point if its romantice scary or a simple enjoyable movie you should comfort her and keep he ( Full Answer )

Can a baby sit on the lap of an adult in the backseat of a car with seat belts?

Depends on where you are talking about, and if the car is moving or not. In the United states, all infants must be in child safety seats when the car is moving. If you stop to nurse the child in the backseat, then its ok but not while you are driving. The differences between the states usually ar ( Full Answer )

Is my brother's wife my sister in law?

Yes. The term "sister-in-law" is used for two types of relationships: . The wife of your brother . The sister of your wife Some languages may have some different terms for these two cases, but in English they're both "sister-in-law".

How do you get to sit on a girls lap?

Usually it is the other way around and she sits on your lap. A boy sitting on a girl's lap is usually teasing or playing, so just do it and laugh about it.

How do you make a girl sit on your lap?

I know it can be a bit embarrassing to ask her, but that's what you should do. Just ask and if she feels comfortable she will. Good luck

What does it mean if a girl sits on your lap?

She just wants your attention or she likes you. Usaully its one of those two but sometimes they might not like you or seek attention. They might just want to sit on someones lap

Who is you uncle's brother's cousin's sister?

Your uncle's brother's cousin is also your uncle's cousin. And the cousin's sister is also his cousin. So the question is the same as "Who is your uncle's cousin?" If your uncle is the brother of one of your parents, then his first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. Similarly, his second co ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if a boy sits on your lap?

Well, it could mean one of three things. If you are a girl, he probably likes you. If you're a boy, then that means he likes boys and wants to make "sloppy sloppy mess time" with you. But in the rare case that you are actually a chair, Well it doesn't mean a thing.

Why does your lap feel warm when your laptop sits on it?

The heat energy dissipated by the computer. Electrical energy stored in the battery is turned into heat energy during the processes involved in running the computer. Prolonged periods of use can cause permanent heat 'staining' in the skin, as well as temporary sterility in men.

Do boys like it when girls sit on their laps?

depends on the boy... ask him but like leaning on him gently should be better...(im guessing you like this boy in this case this one is definitely better because the more body contact the more he like you oh but don't make it too obvious that you want to make body contact like lying down in same b ( Full Answer )

Can a younger adult sister sit on her older adult brother's lap just for fun and with innocent intention?

When that is done, something dirty is normally implyed, so therefore I must say no. If siblings do stuff like that with one another, that is called incest, which is discusting. People in the olden days would have children with family members and that would result in disorders and body deformations. ( Full Answer )

What if a guy sits on your lap?

If he is dead but if he is into you then go along with it...but it might just be a friendly thing....if so that's cool...why i sit in my friends lap, they say im like a puppy trying to get that might be it too

How do you become a good sister-in-law to a older brother's wife?

That's one of the many challenges of having a brother. One of the most important things to remember is if they have kids, NEVER question their parenting skills or anything about how they raise their kids. That's their business, not yours. Another thing is to make sure that you kids get along with th ( Full Answer )

Why do cats love sitting on laps?

Some cats are lap cats and some aren't. Differs from cat to cat. Some cats prefer a human lap over their own bed, some do not.

How do you get out of an Older Brother's Shadow?

If you are sick of people comparing you to your older sibling (brother or sister) then do something that will really impress your parents that your sibling never did eg: wash the dishes, hang out the washing (these things may take a while but they are sure to notice) OR Confront your parents and ( Full Answer )

What is your dad's brother's wife's sister to you?

Your father's brother is your uncle. Your uncle's wife is your aunt (and your father's sister-in-law). Her sister is not related to you or to your father, but is your uncle's sister-in-law.

Is your brother's sister-in-law related to you?

If your brother's sister-in-law is the sister of his wife, she is not related to you. If your brother's sister-in-law is the wife of one of his brothers, and you are a man, she could be your wife, otherwise, she would be your sister-in-law.

Why do you call your brother's sister aunt?

You don't call your brother's sister your aunt. Your brother's sister is your sister, or you. Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.