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It's not a good idea to even entertain the thought of staying with an abusive man. Why are you bothering with all of the books and other efforts? RUN!

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Q: Is it justifiable to be reading books on abusive men visiting abuse websites watching talk shows where the topic is abuse when things are going well as opposed to when the abuser is raging?
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Can it be justifiable homicide if a man kills his abusive wife-girlfriend?

And what is your reason for asking this question?

What are some good forums or websites to visit to talk to people about abusive relationships and what happens once you end them? (its for sale)

How many kids had die from child abuse?

It depends how abusive the person who is abusing the child is. That's why you can never trust online websites where you can have a nanny watch your kid because most nanny's abuse small children when watching them alone. Some people keep a video camera in their house so they can see if the nanny is not an abuser.

What is the plot of Their Eyes were watching God?

It is about the three men in Janie's life. Her first two husbands were abusive and restrictive. Her third husband loved her and did not treat her life property.

What is a sentence for abusive?

It is important to exit an abusive relationship carefully. Slavery is abusive.

Is it abusive when your girlfriend tells you that she loves you but doesn't want to get married but dumps you and marries her new boyfriend only after knowing him for a couple of months?

It is not abusive, but it is heartbreaking. Do know that there is someone else out there for you that is obviously better suited than your ex. Don't torture yourself by watching her new life, move on with your own.

How do you use the word abusive in sentences?

you must get out of abusive relationships. Boyfriend must never be abusive !

How do you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

What is a man who beat his woman called?


Can girls be abusive too?

The ability to be abusive is not determined by gender, it is determined by personality. Both males and females can be abusive.

What is the meaning of abusively?

In an abusive manner; rudely; with abusive language.

Can you get out in abusive friendship?

yes, you can get out of an abusive friendship with support and honesty.

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