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Is it legal for a 15-year-old girl to date an 18-year-old boy?

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2007-04-25 20:35:53

Nothing wrong with dating, though doing more than holding hands

could get him in big trouble. What is cejep. 15 and 18 dont seem

like too much of an age difference but it is. The 18 year old is

about to embark on the beginning of their life and major decisions

and the 15 years old still has some growing to do, I didnt say

growing up, just growing and figuring out their future. You must

call the state court your in and ask the legal age of consent, then

youll find out if its legal or not. This should happen naturally so

if he likes you, you'd be able to tell by his actions, but dont

assume, attention is likenness, he is 18 with raging hormones and

what they say is true, they mostly have one thing on their mind.

Why not just enjoy your teenage years by doing fun stuff with a

bunch of your friends and hanging out.....too many complications to

young doesnt make for good memories. Absolutely! When I was 14 I

dated 2 guys that were 18. (Not at the same time of course) It's

only illegal if you two do anything more than kiss. Remember, 18 is

the guys sexual peak so just be careful in that area. And don't

rush your teen years, they're the crappiest years of your life and

if you don't go through them then you're missing out;] I say just

have fun! Good luck.

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