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Sadly there is no emancipation status in Texas, however I do believe that if the female is pregnant that she is then legally an adult and can do as she wishes. You may just have to tough it out and stay home until your 18, if you do need to stay there take advantage of the free rent, get a job and save every penny you make. This will make it easier for you when you do have the ability to leave home. Trust me living on your own really isn't easy. Before making such a huge step please make a list of monthly expenses, ask your boyfriend how much he pays for the rent / mortage, gas, electric, phone, cell phone, internet access, car payement, car insurance, house insurance, food, clothes, household items, medicine, doctor bills and entertainment, and sadly emergency money - the car gets a flat tire, the dog gets sick etc... Please take all this into consideration I know sometimes you may feel that the situation your in seems hopeless however the more money you have when you do leave the better off you will be in leading the lifestyle you want! Texas does have a process called 'removal of disabilities of minority' which basically is minor emancipation. You

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Q: Is it legal for a 17-year-old in Texas to move in with her boyfriend without being married and without getting him in trouble with the law?
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yes you can

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No ! You Are A Minor. Also You Boyfriend Could Get Into Severe Trouble. Like Having Sex With A Minor, Kidnap, Ect. Work It Out. Stay Home

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Yes, she could get into trouble. They may be able to get married if there is a court order allowing it and the parents approve.

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Have him get a divorce. Don't marry a who is already married. It is going to be trouble for you.

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No. And not only will you get in trouble, your boyfriend will too.

If your boyfriend is 18 when im 16 can he get in trouble?

Sure! Isn't it easy to get into trouble?

What if your not married to the father can the mother and the baby leave the state without getting in trouble with the law?

Yes. A father has no automatic right to their child (unfortunately) unless the parents are married.

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Then your in trouble.

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For bigamy? Jail time

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Can a sixteen-year-old move in with her boyfriend who is eighteen in New York state without getting him or his parents into any trouble?

No. 18 is the legal age in your state.

How to go see your boyfriend without gettting in trouble?

Well if you are worried about getting in trouble, you obviously know your parent won't approve of going out with him, or don't even know about him. I think that you should just talk to your boyfriend in school and when you feel the time is right, tell you parents about him. They shouldn't overreact and ban all boyfriends when you are a teenager. It's natural and they should know that. If they do, they may have had an experience during your age that they regret and they are fearful. Either way, there really is no way to see your boyfriend outside of school without getting in trouble. Your parents were your age before, they know how you think.

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In Virginia you can get married at 16 with parental consent, 18 without parental consent. On a side note, you should be worrying about raising the baby, not getting married. If the boyfriend is going to be a genuine man and help you raise your child, then there is no need to rush a marriage.... Having a child does NOT equal having to get married.

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If your 16 and your boyfriend is 19 with a parental consent can he get in trouble?

For most countries the legal male-female sex age is 16. Depending upon the country, check here:, there shouldn't be any chance of him getting in trouble.

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No, but just in case you shouldn't put it out there till your legal.