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Tell everybodyI dont see why it should be against the law, in fact some people owe my business money and I am considering putting a large sign on my boundary wall with their names and address and amount oweing and for how long if it upsets them so what? why should they get away with it, these people have taken goods or services and not paid so why not let the world know!



Displaying bounced checks is illegal. It is considered in an intentional tort under the invasion of privacy. "Public Disclosure of Private Fact - highly offensive publicity concerning the private life of the plaintiff." Thank you to my Legal Environment professor. He used displaying bounced checks as the most common invasion of privacy.

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Is it legal to post a list of names of people who have bounced checks at an establishment?

Yes it is, you even often see the bounced checks themselves taped to cash registers or somewhere around it to ensure clerks to not accept checks from those individuals.

What to do when given bounced checks?

If you have been given a cheque by somebody and that cheque bounced you can file a legal petition against them. If you have been giving cheques that would bounce, you can be legally prosecuted.

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