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Yes. It's called "advertising".

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Q: Is it legal for a company to send you emails without your initial consent?
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Is it legal for a company to send you emails without your consent?

Yes. It's called "advertising".

If you are not a company why use in emails?

if your not a company why in emails

Is sell your timeshare a reliable company?

idk ask them...they have the best answers....but any company that emails you or calls you without you asking them first is a bad company.

Can information that has been obtained by gaining access to personnel emails without consent of the person owning the email account be used against you in a law court?

Yes. For example, most employers have the right to view and release your emails as they desire.

Your ex-boyfriend's girlfriend forwarded emails from you to her own address when he left his account open is this legal?

Reading other people's mail without their consent is illegal

Can a company server save your Gmail emails?

Yes, a company server save Gmail emails. The company server could save the internal mails. Moreover it can also save promotional mails in the database.

Can Disney send you emails without a subscription or initial consent from you?

Yes. Anybody may send any kind of email to anyone. However, reputable companies such as Disney will generally provide a way to "unsubscribe" from their email list; look in the fine print at the bottom of the email. If there isn't one, reply to the message but change the subject line to "Unsubscribe". That will often work.

How do you handle annoying emails?

Annoying Emails are generally marked as spam. They are sent from a particular company. You can unsubscribe to avoid these mails.

If you have received a check of million emails from company freelotto Can anyone confirm to you the credibility of this company?

I dont no

How do you answer Facebook emails without going on Facebook?

By email

What is the electronic communications and transactions act stance on retention of company emails and spamming?


Can a company just send emails to customer when trying to sell products?


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