Is it legal for a medical group to charge to transfer medical records to another doctor?

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I just called my doctor's office to transfer my records. They said that it costs $0.5 per page for the chart and $25 for the X-rays (no matter how many). I am not sure if this was legal, but I paid anyway because I needed the records to be released today. Btw, when I was requesting records to be release from another doctor, they didn't charge me anything at all.   Yes, it's legal - however there's a limit: the minimal amount required to duplicate and forward the records. Whatever costs incurred by the Doctor to accomplish this task (as s/he's required to maintain the original records in her/his practice for a minimum of 7 future years) of duplication and delivery (I believe up to 50 cents per page)  A little more...Actually it's arguably legal. The law in this case was put in place for patients requesting their own records, in order to offset the pure cost of copying. It was never intended for a doctor-to-doctor transfer. And this charge is NOT allowed to prevent the prompt delivery of health care (which requires your chart of course) if you don't pay. Your second doctor, by not charging you, operated within accepted practices and parameters. Your first doctor is trying something new and, to my thinking, potentially unethical. If I were consulting to this doctor, I'd advise them to discontinue this practice at once.

The $25 cost of transferring x-rays is marginally acceptable if your doctor actually copied and transferred film, which is in this day and age, is rare, as most medical imagery is transferred via telecommunications, CD/DVD, MO storage, etc. If this imagery went over the wire, I'd say this was malfeasant.

There is, to my knowledge, law here but no precedent; it's not gone to court yet. If you object to this practice, you might consider getting a copy of HIPAA, and carrying it with you into small claims court. I think there's a good chance you'd prevail in your attempt to recover your monies.
 Another answer...Yes, they can. Sometimes they just charge a flat rate, other times they charge by the page.
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How can you locate your medical records from a doctor you can't find anymore?

Answer . sometimes when a doctor leaves an area or seems to disappear, he has sold his practice. Try to go to the same building or place and ask if a new doctor may have bought the practice. Sometimes a hospital the doctor practiced in may have information concerning the doctor (if he sold, moved ( Full Answer )

How can you make doctor release your medical records?

It isn't hard. Call the doctor office and ask what they need. Usually, it is a signed letter by you requesting that the records be sent to another doctor. You'll need to include your birthdate and your insurance ID/Social Security number. If you want them released to yourself, then you may expect to ( Full Answer )

Are you legally entitled to a copy of your medical records?

Yes, you are legally entitled to a copy of your medical records.This has just a few exceptions including if the doctor feels thatlooking at your medical records might cause you to harm yourself.If this is the reason he or she will not release the records, thedoctor must state clearly the reasoning.

Can doctors use abbreviations in medical records?

I think what is meant here is: "Is is permissible for doctors to use abbreviations in medical records?". The answer is, apparently yes, because they do so all the time.

How long does a doctor have to give you your medical records?

Answer: In America, the primary body of law covering timely release of Health Information (HI) is codified under HIPAA: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Kennedy/Kausebaum). HIPAA provides as follows: . The Covered Entity (CE -- Healthcare provider, Payer, etc.) must respond ( Full Answer )

Can your doctor hand the patient his own medical records when moving?

Absolutely. The patient is entitled to see all parts of their records except for psychotherapy notes. And the doctor is wise to release those records to the patient when they move their practice -- it saves everyone time in responding to requests for records from the new doc.

If a medical assistant looks at a patient's medical records are they breaching patient doctor confidentiality?

Actually patient-provider confidentiality is not breached if a medial assistant looks in a patients' chart. Medical assistant's are considered providers of healthcare also. It is reasonable to understand that the medical assistant and even the nurse will access your chart if their is a need to. Upon ( Full Answer )

Who has your medical records other than doctors?

Parts of your total record may be scattered among many locations. Any medical practitioner who ever treated you and/or any medical facility you were ever treated in, has at least some part of your entire medical record. If you ever filed a claim for injury or because of a traffic accident, the insur ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to destroy medical records?

Medical records are a complicated issue. Who owns them? The clinic or hospital that maintains the record, or the person about which the record is kept?. Most states now say the clinic or hospital owns the actual physical record, and the person owns the information. This gives you the right to see y ( Full Answer )

Are medical records a legal document?

No, not generally. Many medical records, and the notations made in medical files, are unsigned and un-witnessed. They may be introduced as EVIDENCE and used in a case but generally, in and of themselves, they are not considered "legal" documents..

Can a doctor charge a medicare patient a fee for medical records?

A doctor does not charge for patient records, but they can charge a nominal fee for copying it to give to you. Each jurisdiction governs how much the doctor can charge for this, but it is usually pretty small. Many doctors will waive this fee if the patient asks for it, though they don't have to.

Legal rights to your medical records?

You own your own medical records, but your medical provider is allowed (in some case, required) to keep them in file. Your medical provider is allowed to charge you for the cost of duplicating and reproducing them for you if you wish them.

Is it legal to charge for medical records in North Carolina?

North Carolina General Statute Section 90-411 permits the following charges:. Search, Handling, Copying and Mailing Costs. Up to. $10.00. Certification Fee. Up to per record. $9.32. Copying Costs for Records in Paper Form. Per page for pages 1-25. $0.75. Per page for pages 26 - 100. $0.50 ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to charge for medical records in New York?

A health care provider can charge up to 75 cents per page formedical records in New York state. Whether that's called a searchfee, copy fee, or administrative fee, that's the allowable leve.

How can you make doctor release your medical records to another doctor?

You would have to contact your doctor, and request your records be released to the doctor you are seeing, or would like to see, indicating the doctor's name and address. People have their records transferred all the time. It is not a difficult thing to do.

Can you get your doctor's medical records transferred to your self instead of another doctor?

Your records belong to you. You paid for them , I assume. All tests, copies of X-rays, copies of reports from lab tests and all other tests like ECG, EEG, Echo, Ultra sound, Spirometry, Kidney function and all others belong to you. There may be a small chg for copying them. (My docs give me a copy o ( Full Answer )

What percentage of collections does a medical billing company charge a doctor?

There are many variables when determining how much to charge a Dr. for billing services. Rates will vary base on specialty, volume, payer mix, average charge, average collections and other factors. I've seen rates as low as 3.5% and as high as 12%. What must also be considered is the quality of the ( Full Answer )

What do I need to do to access my mother's medical records and speak to her doctor?

Speaking to your mother's doctor is done the same way as speaking to any other doctor; you make an appointment. If it is necessary to access your mother's medical records, her doctor has access to them and can access them for you. Of course, you will have to have a legitimate reason to have access t ( Full Answer )

Can a doctor charge patient for copy of medical records?

Yes, pursuant to Health & Safety Code section 123110, a doctor can charge 25 cents per page plus a reasonable clerical fee. For diagnostic films, such as an x-ray, MRI, CT and PET scans, you can be charged the actual cost of copying the films. This only applies if you have made a written request for ( Full Answer )

How do you get medical records if doctor refuses?

In New York State, a doctor can not refuse to provide medical records. The doctor is allowed to charge up to 75 cents per page for same. Failure to comply is reportable to the board of medicine. Contact your state's board of medicine to determine what the laws are in your state. A little more... ( Full Answer )

Do doctors throw away medical records?

its depend how long it ago, Generally, a provider must retain a patient's medical records for seven years after the last treatment date, or three years from the patient's death. (Department of Public Health (DPH) Regs. § 19a-14-42) . Pathology slides, EEGs, and ECG tracings must also be retained ( Full Answer )

Does a retiring doctor need your permission to transfer your medical records to another doctor?

Yes, it is in fact legal, at least under HIPAA. Any transfer of medical information between Providers (the legal term for caregivers) that is in support of the patient's healthcare is legal without patient authorization. The patient can, however, request that such medical records Not be sent, if th ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for a doctors office ask for a signed blank medical records release?

No such instrument would be legally binding. First, there's no "release" specified in HIPAA (the main US body of medical privacy law). The doctor can legally release your medical records to another caregiver in order to facilitate your medical care (unless you object to this) without any form. Rele ( Full Answer )

Can a doctor legally sign for transfer of records on the patient's behalf?

Depends on how you mean this. I'm going to answer for America. If anyone wants to add other countries, great! First, a doctor is a Covered Entity (CE) under HIPAA, the main US medical privacy law. He is allowed to transfer Protected Health Information (PHI) without the patient's approval under the ( Full Answer )

Are your medical records available to any doctor?

No, they are not. HIPAA allows for healthcare providers to share your records as part of treating you. You can stop this, or limit this so that you must okay data transfer, or allow it to proceed. It's entirely up to you. However, caregivers that aren't involved in your healthcare have no more right ( Full Answer )

Who keeps the medical records when a new doctor buys the practice?

Unless the seller is retiring from practice, both should keep the records. The new doc especially needs records for patients that will remain with the practice -- not so much patients that leave the practice, although those too should be retained until you KNOW the patient has completed transfer to ( Full Answer )