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You don't need a permit. But if you're not a registered charitable organization, there may be tax liabilities.

2006-08-20 05:15:39
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Can you carry a pistol legally in TN?

Tennessee requires a permit to carry a pistol on your person. Without a permit, you can have a pistol in your home or on your personal private property, or you can transport it unloaded in a vehicle.

How high can you legally build a retaining wall without a permit?

Less than 4' without a permit without a slope and 3' with a slope. As high as you want if you have a permit for it.

Can i carry a handgun in georgua without a permit?

You can't carry a gun in Georgia without a permit.

Can i carry a handgun in Georgia without a permit?

You can't carry a gun in Georgia without a permit.

In Minnesota can you buy a handgun without a permit?

No. You either have to have a permit to carry or a permit to purchase.

Driving without a learners permit?

Drivingt without a learners permit, and without a license, would constitute 'driving without a license' which is a misdemeanor offense.

Can you sell candy out of your home in Alabama without a permit?

Can you sell candy out of your home in Alabama without a permit?

What is the difference between a personal protection permit and a ccw permit?

It depends on what you mean, but also, what state you are in. I've never heard of a personal protection permit. A CCW permit is a permit to carry a handgun on your person for personal protection, however, it should be noted that all states in the U.S. don't issue CCW. Some states, such as Tennessee, issue "handgun carry permits" and concealment is not required by law.

What is the personal Angelina Jolie email address?

WikiAnswers does not permit the posting of personal information.

Is it legal to drive in the fairgrounds with out a permit?

No, Your still DRIVING without a permit.

What is the youngest legal age to drive in New Jersey without a permit?

none, you cannot drive without a permit.

How do you get Indiana gun permit?

Indiana does not require a permit to POSSESS ordinary firearms. It does require a permit to CARRY firearms CONCEALED. You apply for that permit through the Indiana State Police Website. This is a link to that website:

Can you drive with no permit with your parent?

No you may not. Getting the permit is what allows you to drive with a licensed driver in the car with you. Without that permit, you cannot drive at all. * Except if you are on your own private property, then you can legally drive without a permit.

Do you need a child work permit if you are making your own website?

If you are making your own website as opposed to making a website for someone else and getting paid for it, then no, you don't need a work permit.

What color flashing lights are legal without a permit on a vehicle?

Illegal without a permit. Check laws on bells and whistles.

Can you work at braums at the age of 15 without a work permit?

No, you have to be at lead 16 to work without a permit. 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds can work there IF they have a permit

Are there internet shopping sites besides Amazon that permit purchases from multiple merchants without having to enter new credit card and personal information?

If you don't have a permit and you are about to turn 18 can you go ahead and get your license without getting a permit first in the state of Georgia?

According to Georgia's website (see attached link) a valid learner's permit must be held for a year and a day before you can take a road test. Age has nothing to do with it.

How do you get license without permit?

you cant

Can you get your drivers license without a permit at 17 and a half in California?

no you need to have a permit for a year and a day if you are 17, but if you are eighteen then you can get a license without it

Can you drive a car in a parking lot without a permit?

As long as you dont get caught you can drive wherever you want without a permit or a license

Can a zimbabwean with a work permit in south Africa get a personal loan?

Yes, its very possible. To qualify for a personal loan you should be working legally in SA with any type of work permit.

How can you get a smith and Wesson in Belgium whitout permit?

how can you, get a smith and Wesson in belgium without permit

Can you drive to work with a permit in Colorado?

Yes you can drive without an adult with a permit in Colorado. But it is not allowed for someone with a permit to drive without an adult 21 years or older after ten p.m. at night. --------

Can you carry a gun in your belt without a permit in Arizona?

Arizona is an open carry state. If you can legally own a handgun, you can carry it openly without a permit. If you want to carry a concealed handgun, you need a permit.