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Depends. Under Texas law you can not carry an illegal knife on or about your person (concealed or in the open does not matter).

An illegal knife is:

(A) knife with a blade over five and one-half inches;

(B) hand instrument designed to cut or stab another by being thrown;

(C) dagger, including but not limited to a dirk, stiletto, and poniard; (double edged)

(D) bowie knife;

(E) sword; or

(F) spear.

Texas Penal code Section 46.01 and 46.02

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Q: Is it legal to carry a fixed blade in Texas that is under 5.5'' and if so then does it need to be concealed?
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What is the maximum legal blade length for a fixed blade single edged knife for concealed carry in Connecticut?

4" cutting edge

What is the legal blade length for a fixed blade single edged knife for concealed carry in Missouri?

The max length for a folding knife is 4". I am not sure what the length is for fixed blades, but will find out. here is a helpful link.http:/homezperiodznetcomzperiodzcom/~brlevine/stazhyphenzlawzperiodzhtm

Is it legal to open carry your ka-bar with a seven inch blade in wasghington?

I have read a statement made on line by a defense attorney with 30+ years that in CA "length is irrelevant. Fixed blade knives are 'dirks or daggers' and there for can not be carried concealed. A knife worn OPENLY suspended from the waist in a sheath is no concealed" Again this is what I've read and there for is technically hear say.

Are you allowed to carry a fixed blade knife whilst trekking in Nepal?

no you are not

Can you carry a fixed handle knife in Texas?

Yes, as long as the knife: 1 does not have a blade longer than 5.5 inches 2 is not a throwing knife 3 double edged

In Oklahoma what is the legal blade length for a fixed blade knife?

What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma? What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma?

What are the knife laws for fixed blades and folding blades in the state of Missouri?

No larger than 4 inches concealed fixed or folding. No limit on length fixed blade not concealed. It is legal to walk anywhere with a sword as long as it is not concealed. This is true of nearly all states. There are, however, loose definitions of what concealed is. Concealment is a relative definition. If you have a katana on your back and I am standing in front of you where I cannot see it, There may be an argument for concealment. You are safest to keep your blades under 4 inches. I have gone out for a day of shopping with a 14 inch, damascus steel blade on my thigh. Even mall security did not question me.

How many inches can a pocket knife be in the state of Mississippi?

Any fixed blade knife is legal. The law for a folding "pocket knife" no blade longer than 3" can be concealed. Therefore it is legal to own any knife although you can not conceal (hide on your person) any non-fixed blade over 3".

What is the age limit laws about carrying a fixed blade knife on your belt?

The age to carry a fixed blade on your belt varies depending on state most states have the law of sixteen with no criminal record.

Can a knife be carried for self defense in Louisiana?

In most states it is not illegal to carry a knife, as long as it is not a knife that is not illegal to carry in public (such as a switchblade knife, butterfly knife, or fixed blade knife). Also a knife should not be concealed, and its blade should not exceed three inches in length. But you should research the relevant laws in your state, as many states laws vary slightly, and sometimes greatly.

Can you legally carry a knife in California?

It can be open carried, but cannot be concealed because it is a fixed blade. You will get stared at and may be harassed by police and people, but it is entirely legal. The knife must be in complete view; even a shirt or jacket hanging over the handle can be contrived as concealed.

Where is the best place to conceal a knife?

Concealed weapons are against the law. You can carry a pocket knife as many people do, but something with a fixed blade, a more than three inch long blade, or a speciality knife such as a butterfly or switchblade knife, are against the law (in America anyway).