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Is it legal to download songs from Morpheus?


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2007-06-05 14:14:49
2007-06-05 14:14:49

Generally no. Morpheus is a file sharing program, if you are uploading or downloading copyrighted material, then it is illegal according to your country's laws. The US has strict copyright laws, but a lot of other countries don't.

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Answerdownload limewire or kazza or morpheuslimewire is being sued so its not a good choice at the moment, and kazaa has spyware in its programs. I haven't tried morpheus though

No, as you are not paying for the download.

They are all Illegal But if you only want to download songs I suggest Shareaza Its Legal and free But you may only download songs But it is very good i use it Hope this helped

It is illegal to download songs from YouTube because it has copyrighted music.

You can get songs for your phone from iTunes, Napster, and other legal applications that allow you to buy and download songs from the internet.

By purchasing them through iTunes. They will auto download to your iPod, but if not, you may have to sync it for the songs to add.

try two download morpheus of the internet and that lets you download anything

ther are a few legal "download songs for free" websites just type it into google and you can download them or you can buy songs of off windoes media player. is the site my favorite DJ uses.

You can use Limewire, or BitLord and download from, but I don't know if they are legal.

I have a program called blubster. there are lots more like kazaa and morpheus and grockster etc. they all download music and videos and that kind of stuff but you still have to download the program. if you were looking for something that you dont have to download, sorry i dont know of one.

It's completely legal. I download songs from it all the time. I promise you it's COMPLETELY legal.

no it says on there it is free but idk if it is legal i would look around! it is legal and the first 25 songs are free, just to listen though. you have to purchase the mp3s to download them to your computer. It is legal, you must pay $10 per month to download songs- so it's technically not free, but cheaper than itunes.

Unfortunately, there is no free legal download of Justin Bieber's songs online. The songs can be downloaded for a small price on Apple Tunes Market or the Google Play store.

You should not be downloading free songs. Downloading free songs is illegal, no matter how many sites claim to be completely legal. You should be buying the songs from iTunes or other legal places to get songs.

Yes, iTunes is a reputable site with legal music. They even have deals so you can legally download some songs for free.

You can download on the itunes icon on you ipod or you can connect to computer and then put in a cd. You can then transfer the songs. It is legal.

An individual can download mp3 songs legally such as Amazon Cloud Player and iTunes. They have almost every song he or she is looking for. It is pretty cheap and legal.

Are you wanting free songs? Or are you willing to pay for them? Napster is great if you want to pay! Most websites that offer free songs are illegal. I don't know any that are legal.

using tubmate, a free fast legal way to download songs, it can also be used to download SOME other songs too!

It depends what videos you want to download, if the video you download has copyright on it(songs,tv shows). No. where as if its a video without copyright. Yes.

yes itunes is legal, if it wasn't then millions of people wouldn't be able to use it. The songs cost .99 and therefore are legal to download. They maybe cheaper, but they are legal

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