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Is it legal to go to a different state other than your residency and get married?

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December 11, 2005 4:12AM

yes it is legal. all you need to do is get the marriage license in the state in which you are getting married. In most states it is legal. However... "The Uniform Marriage Evasion Act, which has two main provisions, has been adopted by the following States: Illinois Louisiana Massachusetts Vermont Wisconsin The first provision: If a resident prohibited from marrying under the law of the State goes to another State for the purpose of avoiding this prohibition and contracts a marriage which would be void within his/her home State, that marriage will be held to be void by the home State, just as if the marriage had been entered into there. (Several States which have not adopted the Uniform Marriage Evasion Act as a whole have adopted this first provision.) The second provision: Prohibits the marriage within the State of persons residing and intending to continue residing in another State, if the marriage would be void if contracted in the individual's home State." Yes! I am a resident of FL, my husband of CA, and we got married in NE!