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It may depend on the state you are in. We are in Maryland and I know here it is fine. My husband was injured on the job last August and we carry additional accident insurance and were able to collect for out patient procedures. I suggest checking with an attorney for your state.

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Q: Is it legal to have supplemental injury insurance and collect workmans compensation?
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Is an owner of a corporation exempt from workmans comp insurance?

Yes, if you own a business, you can not collect workmans comp for yourself.

If you have not been released from a worker's compensation claim and your place of employment sells out to another company and you are not working because of cut wages can you collect unemployment?

You should still be collecting workmans comp if the doctor hasn't released you back to work. Workmans Compensation is an insurance that your employer bought. You can't collect unemployment if you haven't been released back to work from the doctor. You have to be ABLE to work to collect unemployment.

In New York State can you collect short term disability and workmans compensation at the same time?

Yes, but you must claim your Workers Compensation benefits and they may reduce disability benefits accordingly.

Can a person collect unemployment benefits and workmans compensation benefits at the same time in the state of Texas?

No. You would collect Workman's Compensation benefits because you were unable to work, thus disqualifying you from collecting unemployment (you have to be seeking full time employment to qualify for this).

Can you collect workers compensation if hurt off the job?

No - workmans compensation is a coverage that covers you while you are working for a company and only covers you while you are working. However, there is a type of insurance that pays for off the job illnesses and accidents, called disability insurance. You should compare few different companies to find the best plan for your circumstances (age, state, occupation).

Can you collect workmen's compensation and social security disabilty at the same time?

It depends on the state, in Kentucky, even if you have applied for any social security benefits you are not intitled to any workmans comp. money. I would advise you to search the web. Put in your state, Workmans Compensation laws and keep looking you will find your answer.

How long can a person collect workmans compensation in the state of California?

It depends on the injury and what the Dr's orders are. You may return to light duty work before you can be fully released.

Is it true Workmans Comp has only 9 years to collect then they can stop all Workmans Comp payments and treatments?


Can you collect benefits from both California state disability and the disability insurance that your employer offers?

You will have to check your employer's disability policy. Some will integrate benefits with state disability, and others will be considered as supplemental. A supplemental policy allows you to collect benefits from both.

In New Jersey how long do you have to be off to collect workmans comp?

6 weeks

Can you collect workers compensation while incarcerated?


Can I continue to collect my compensation disability after starting to collect Social Security benefits at 65?

Collecting Social Security would not interfere with your compensation disability

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