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Is it legal to hire illegal aliens?


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No, you are not legally able to hire illegal aliens.

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Even the legal aliens can't vote.

There IS no proof of citizenship for illegal [citizens] aliens. I should say, there is no legal proof of citizenship for illegal aliens.

Legal aliens come from their country and take all the citizenship tests they need to. Meanwhile illegal aliens live in a foreign country without taking any of the citizenship tests.

Legal aliens possess the same rights as all citizens. Illegal aliens do not possess the same right as they have are in the country without proper visas.

It is not legal to work in this country if you do not have a green card and you are an illegal.

No, They Cannot. Legal aliens cannot vote, either. Only citizens have this right.

people hire immigrants both legal and illegal because they work for less money and because no Americans want those jobs.

To prevent illegal aliens from entering the USA would require several things. This list is not all inclusive, however, it has the most common remedies.A. Add more border patrol officers;B. Speed the return of illegal aliens to their home countries.C. Place the burden of proof on employers who hire illegal aliens & fine them for non compliance.D. Make the regulations for legal entry more flexible, and speed up the process of doing this.

If they are from the Middle East that is quite likely. this would apply to both legal and illegal aliens.

No illegal aliens have been appointed as czars yet.

no. he allowed legal aliens to become citizens

the law is that if a child is born in the US it is a legal citizen.

Legal aliens came to the US with the proper paperwork. Illegal aliens came to the US without that paperwork. Some of them came to evade dangers in their own countries or because they had family here. Some came for economic opportunity. Some came to participate in criminal activity.

Yes, but it will not alter their illegal status nor will it be a "red flag" to immigration services.

I don't know. but this is a funny question. I like it :) very nice

Yes! They should have gotten legal documents before leaving their countries!

Illegal aliens should not be eligible for licenses.

Illegal Aliens - novel - was created in 1989.

No. Civil Courts, with the exception of immigration courts are limited to legal citizens, aliens and those legally in the country.

If they are linked in anyway to illegal activity they are confiscated. If NOT they are returned with the illegal aliens, when they are released on a on DODFM4137.

0% of the AR prison inmates are illegal aliens

They can stay in that country for 3 monthes before they have to become legal or they have to have an alien card.

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