Is it legal to put a 1 month expiration date on a car was that you pay for?

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Should you pay off the car loan at seven percent for 60 months or put the money in a CD earning five percent for the same time period?

Answer . If you can stick to it, you'd be better off (come out way ahead) if you use the money to pay off the loan then put the same amount of money into the bank that you would have been paying for the vehicle. You'll be quite a bit ahead, but you'd need to force yourself to "pay yourself", jus ( Full Answer )

What can you do if you bought a car and got the title but lost it before you put car in your name and the previous owner will not get a second title and the tags are expiring this month.?

Answer . Go to your state vehicle licensing department and pick up a lost title form. Fill out the information and have the previous owner sign it. If they refuse, sue to get your money back. You'll need to take them to small claims court but usually being served notice to appear will be suffici ( Full Answer )

Can you register a car before the expiration date?

Answer . If your talking about the expiration of the current registration then yes. It should state on your renewal paper that if you register on time, an amount, if by mail an amount, and you do have to register it according to the birthday of persons name on paper. I thought you had until the ( Full Answer )

Do coupons have an expiration date in a legal sense?

Answer . It doesn't have a experation date because it's just a peice of paper.. All coupons have expiration dates on them, but that is for bookkeepping and accounting reasons for that particular company. The company needs to have a general idea that at some point in time, the little discount in ( Full Answer )

Can a car insurance company cancel you for being late. I pay monthly and I haven't gotten a bill this month and last month I was late it said if I didnt pay by this date then I would be canceled-paid?

Yes, you can be cancelled for being late. By the way, all bills say if they aren't paid by the due date you are subject to cancellation. Call your insurance company and ask for an additional bill to be sent by mail. Besides, you don't really need the bill. You pay the same amount every month and it' ( Full Answer )

Can a buy here pay here put a repossession on your credit report in the state of Florida if you have not had the car over 3 months?

If they repossessed the car, you bet they can. It makes no difference how long you had the car. You failed to make your payments and the car was repossessed, so this will go on all 3 credit reports for 7 years.. When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor holds important rights on the vehicl ( Full Answer )

Is liquid amoxicillin still good 1 month after expiration date?

One month after it's expiration date means that the drug no longer is as strong as it was before. It slowly degrades over time and once approximately 20% has degraded it is considered expired. There is probably 70% efficacy left in the product, but it is best not to use as the degraded 30% could pot ( Full Answer )

If you fail to pay a car payment do you legally have to pay it anyway?

Its a binding contract and after enough finance charges and slams to your credit Im pretty sure they would repo it? So I would say yes, considering you signed up to make payments on it they expect it and the Bank/Loan Agency Expects their money back in anyway

Do you have legal right to car if not on title but paying for loan?

Yes and No.. If you are not on the 'title' and cannot show a 'contract of purchase' (bill of sale) or 'power of attorney' (dependent on your state) then any court or police agency will not give you custody or control of the vehicle. That would be the "no" section.. The "Yes" can only be reached, a ( Full Answer )

Can you pay your car loan that is 6 months behind on payments?

If you paid a six month balance to the lender in one payment, they would be giddy. The lender does not want your car. They want your money. They will take your car, but only so it can be sold so they can put that toward what you owe.

Is cheerios safe to eat one month after expired date?

Absolutley, especially if they haven't been open yet. Liek all bread and grain products, the only concern would be presence of mold. Other than that, they may be slightly stale but perfectly safe to eat.

What happens when you get a car at a buy here pay here and the engine goes in three months so you voluntarily return the vehicle can they put it on your credit if so how can you dispute it?

In some cases, "buy here, pay here" dealers actually lease you the car with an insignificant lease-end value, like $100.00, so you are in fact buying the car, but they still own it until the last payment is made. In this case, they would not normally report to a credit bureau, because they have not, ( Full Answer )

Can you eat chocolate after 2 months expiration date?

The expiration date on chocolate isn't due to food safety. It is a shelf stable product. The concern would be with flavor. Chocolate can become stale or rancid. Tasting it would be up to you.

Do car inspection stickers expire at the end of the month on the sticker in WV?

Yes, they expire at the end of the month. Conversely, your vehicle registration is set to expire at the beginning of the month listed. Just remember one is the beginning and the other is at the end. If you look at your registration, it should say something like (Expires: 02/01/2011). Then you will k ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to put nitro on a car?

yes it is legal,even if you get pulled over or have your car inspected you cant be charged or fined for having a nitros system installed in your car you are not using it it wouldn't hurt to have a little white lie in handy if they ask why you have it something like it was used for a reason called fo ( Full Answer )

Is it true that expired medicine still have a 3 months allowance from the expiration date?

The potency of the medication is guaranteed up until the expiration date. It's like when you have milk and you keep it even after the date. Usually it isn't good anymore. If the original packaging of the medication shows the expiration date, that's date you should go by to make sure you're getting t ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to put a tandem bicycle on a car?

There's no specific rule about tandem bicycles and cars. However, there ARE rules about how you're allowed to carry stuff onyour car. It has to be properly secured, isn't allowed to protrude too much,can't hide/cover lights or number plate etc. As long the tandem fulfils those requirements, you're O ( Full Answer )

Are the stickers car dealers put on cars legal?

Yes, the dealer can charge whatever he wants for the vehicle. The sticker put on by the manufacturer is the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP). The dealer can go up from this price or he can go down from this price. It strictly depends on supply and demand. However you as a consumer can wal ( Full Answer )