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I always understood that recording songs off the radio was legal as long as you didn't sell the tapes. This would be the law of the USA, under the Supreme Court decision known as "The Sony" case, with respect to recording TV shows, deemed to be "legal" as a "fair use" for personal time-shifting.

In other countries it may not be legal: you would be duplicating the work without a license, which is one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder. This is true regardless of whether you derive income from the duplication.

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Q: Is it legal to record songs from the radio?
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Is it illegal to record songs of the radio?

No it is not, as long as you do not sell the songs you record because then it is illegal. In other words if you are making a profit then yes it is illegal.

Can you record songs from your radio remote onto your ipod?

Of course, you can record songs from radio station and transfer to you ipod. I prefer to record music from different radio stations,such as XM, AOL,Yahoo radio,etc. It is total free. Then save the record audio as mp3,WMA, WAV, AC3, M4A, AAC, OGG, APE,etc.

Is it legal to download from LimeWire then use the songs on an internet radio show?

Considering that recording studios sell special versions of their songs, licensed to be use for TV, radio, movies, etc. I would have to say no, it is not legal to download music from the internet (from any service or program) and use on a radio show, internet or otherwise.

What app can you record songs from radio?

Snowtape: it's $1.99 but well worth it. The music you record you can't play in iTunes but it stores it on a playlist for you

How do you record web radio?

Recording webradio is a great and legal way to get free music. There are a lot of free web radio recording tools to record web radio streams. But most of them are not very comfortable.But there is one tool, which searches for your desired music by supervising over 15,000 web radio stations and saves the tracks finally cutted and with ID3 tags, album covers and song lyrics at your hard space. You only have to wait - and you will get all the songs you ever wanted. Free and legal.This tool is called streaming audio recorder. It can record music from different radio stations, such as XM, AOL, Yahoo radio, etc.

When was Radio Songs created?

Radio Songs was created in 1993.

When was Songs on Radio Idaho created?

Songs on Radio Idaho was created in 2003.

How does a record company decide which songs they release and when to release them to the radio stations?

research. of course, there are exceptions. they find out what is the most profitable and most likely to be a "radio jam." major record labels only see in green. also, just get timbaland to produce your song and that will be at least one single/radio pick.

What songs do Submitted radio have?

The company known as "Radio Submit" is the largest radio distributor of music in the United States. The company gives record labels of all varieties and genres of music the ability to distribute their recordings to major radio stations.

Is there a way to record songs to CD from an online radio station?

Go to and download the recording tool.

Is downloading music legal in Canada?

no p2p downloading is legal, downloading someone else purchased CDs is legal. Legal downloading is when you purchase the music but, remember just because you have purchased the music does not mean you can share it. Off the air recordings from the radio, TV is legal providing you do not sell them. Recording movies or music from cable is legal also providing you do not sell them. Can you share the movies and music you record from cable, the answer is yes. Is it legal to record off the internet from a radio station, I would believe that it would be but not yet approved or not approved.

Is it legal to record a conversation with another person in California?

is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california? is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california?

What songs have the word radio in the title?

One song that has the word radio in the title is Donna Summer's On the Radio. Other songs include Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles, and Radio Ga Ga by Queen.

Is Selena Gomez on the radio?

no, first she has to make a whole DVD on the songs shes made and then her songs will be heard on radio.

Where can you listen to Michael Jackson songs?

Indoors and outdoors. On a website, on the TV, on an MP3 player, on a record player, on the radio, on a tape machine and on a CD player.

What is the name of eminem's radio station?

Eminem does not have a radio station. The radio doesn't allow his songs because they say "it has too much inappropriate language in the songs".

Is it legal to purchase promotional copies of record albums from a radio station?

yes they are free and the artist does not collect royalties on them promotional means free

How can I record radio programs with my android phone?

You can record radio programs with your android phone by simply selecting the record option and then start recording.

Where does Big Time Rush record their songs?

Big Time Rush record their songs on their tour bus (if they are on tour) or they usually record in a studio

Is there a radio station that plays kid songs?

Radio Disney

Why is it illegal to download music off the internet but not to record a song off the radio?

It's not legal to record a song off the radio: the license that is granted is only to the station and per play or a period of time. You as a listener have no recording rights, so there is no comparison to made between legality.

How many songs did the Doors record?

150 songs is the amount of songs they have released

Is downloading songs from a Usenet legal?

If the songs are copyright protected and have been uploaded without permission then no it is not legal.

How do you record internet radio?

I recommend: Screamer radio, it can play the Internet radio, it also can record Internet radio. I will leave you to figure out the rest. Here's the adress.:

Until about 1930 in what manner were popular songs of the day presented?

Most were played on live radio broadcasts by the studio band. Other ways you could get new songs if you had the money was buying the sheetmusic, piano roll, or record.

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