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Yes Yes, this is called sharing. As long as you are not selling the music, you'll be fine. It's when you make music available to the masses that you could be in trouble.

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What is a legal way to put dvds on your iPod?

Every way is legal to put a movie on your ipod ... once you buy the ipod its yours Apply cant tell you what to do with it after that ...

Can you put apps on ipod nanos?

No my dear friend, you cannot.

How do you use the bump app on an ipod touch?

first you get bump app from app store it is blue with a white B then you need a friend or someone with a iPod, iPhone to get bump then you put device in hand and you gently bump them together then you can share photos talk share app links and yeah also you need wi fi and put blue tooth on

How do you put music from ipod onto your mac?

I'm afraid that once the song is on the iPod, it stays on the ipod. This was made this way so that if one friend buys a song, he cannot download it to his ipod and bring it to his friend to upload it to his itunes so his friend can get a free song. You cannot upload ipod music to a mac.

How do you put a rented movie from itunes on to your ipod?

i don't think it's legal

How do you get songs on an ipod touch?

You can download on the itunes icon on you ipod or you can connect to computer and then put in a cd. You can then transfer the songs. It is legal.

How do you put pictures on facebook with your dsi?

I want to talk to my friend and share music and put pictures on face book and share my sounds

Is it possible to put music on ipod touches with bear share?

Only MP3 files (usually the free content) obtained via Bear Share will be compatible with the iPod as the other paid for files use Microsoft's protected WMA format which will not work with the iPod.

Is there a legal way to get songs from an iPod to iTunes and if so what is it?

You can download IDump and it will take all the songs from your IPod and put it into a folder in your computer from which you can move into Itunes.

How do you put on songs in your iPod or Mp3 on 360 Share?

U have to sync them ther should be a sync link or button

How do you put music for free on ipod?

If you have a microphone, you can record it from YouTube in voice memo as long as you are not selling it, it is legal

How do you put songs on your ipod touch from LimeWire?

you have to share limewire with your itunes. In itunes/limewire, share the files, and the songs will automatically go onto your itunes. Then do what you would normally.

Are webkinz apps on iPod touch free?

. New person, in my opinion find a friend with the app and get them to put it on ur ipod. Btw, Ur welcome hahaha.

How do you put these wmv files on ipod player?

uh, it's my question, but my friend have given a solution to do it If you have the same problem, hope useful for you He suggest me that i have to download video to ipod converter to help me, it can not only convert wmv files to ipod, but also convert avi, divx, xvid, mov etc to ipod. it is very nice, i have put my movies on ipod

Is Itunes the only legal way to put music on your iPod?

No, there are plenty of other legal ways to get music on your iPod, including Google Play, AmazonMP3, as well as streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify. What determines whether or not it is legal is if the record companies and artists are being paid their fair share. So if you are getting songs and albums for free download from a website that doesn't sound familiar, or getting them from file sharing websites like Limewire, then it is probably illegal.

How do you put Facebook on iPod Nano?

You cannot put facebook on a nano, but you can put it on an iPod Touch.

Can you put Hannah Montana on your iPod?

Yes, you can put Hannah Montana on your iPod.

How do you put deleted songs on your iPod?

If the song is deleted, then you can't put it on your iPod.

Is 4shared legal?

4shared is legal depending on what you do with the files. If you do not put themon an ipod or mp3 then it is 100% legal. That applies for all free music sites. But since 4shared is people sharing their own files... it should be legal.HELLO

How do you download music using an iPod touch?

You can use Itunes on the Ipod Touch and put money on your account. But otherwise, downloading music via zippy share or any other music download has to be done on the Internet.

How to put iPod on ds?

You cannot put anything from an iPod onto a Nintendo DS.

How do you put songs on your iPod if it is locked?

If your iPod is locked, then you cannot put songs on it. You have to enter the password and unlock the iPod to add songs to it.

If you put downloaded music on your iPod will your iPod break?


Can you put a screensaver on an iPod Nano from my photos in the iPod?


How do you put a picture as the background on your iPod?

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