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No it is not, for a full time job I believe.

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When not below deck or in an enclosed cabin children under what age must wear PFDs when boating in Virginia

Within how many days must you file a boating accident for an incident that results in property damage only and exceeds 2000

In Virginia you must operate at slow-no-wake speed within how many feet of boat ramps marinas and moorages

In Mississippi which of the following is required to be installed on a recreational use boat

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Q: Is it legal to work in virginia without a break?
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You work 8 hours a day no breaks no lunch is this legal?

Type your answer here. NO its not legal to work 8 hrs a day without a lunch break

What is the legal age to start work in Virginia?


Can you work 6 hours without a break?


How long can you work without a break?

2 minutes

How long can you work in a office without a break?

It all depends on the person.

Is it legal to give police someones work schedule without a warrant?

No it is not

What are your rights in the workplace in terms of in the UK how long you can work without taking a break?

Not legal advice: If over 18, you will normally have the right to a 20m rest break if working more than 6 hours at a stretch. See the Related link below.

What is the legal break hours supposed to be given to a work employee?

depends on the number of hours worked

In the workplace how long legally can you sit at a computer without being allowed a break I only work a 4 hour shift but no breaks are allowed so it's 4 hours straight at a computer?

that's legal. at my job you get a break every 4 hours

Where can i work at the age of 15 in Virginia Beach without a work permit?

you need a work permit in order to work below the required age which is 16.

Is it illegal to work without a 2 day break on vocational placement in australia?


Is it legal to tape record someone without their knowledge at work in Florida?

It is never legal to tape record an employee in the work place without their knowledge of it. Written consent must be available if the action becomes disputed.

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