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The question is, does he know if you like him? Chances are, he doesn't actually know, you just think he does.

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you should ask your friend if anything is going on between them and make sure she knows that you like that guy.

It might mean that knows you like HIM but he doesn't like YOU but he feels bad so he tries to make you feel better w/ a different guy

depends how big the friend ship relation is beetween you and the guy who like 'him'.

Means that he told his friend that he likes you and his friends trying to get him to talk to you. Or he knows you like him and told his friend this so his friend getting him to talk with you.

It can mean the guy YOU like, likes you. Or it can mean the guy you like's friend, likes you. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm very bad at giving advice! :-)

A guy said, "I like you," then quickly added, "only as a friend though," what does that mean?

you have to choose whats more important this guy or the chance of losing or friendship?

maybe HE likes youu, or maybe he knows that the guy that YOU like, likes you back .

Its pretty simple if he knows you like him, hes trying to say hes not interested in the nicest way possible.

Act like a friend. Try and talk about boys around him so he knows you dont like him that way :)

yess of course he can know! but you just have to decide weather on your bestfreind or the guy. but he can like you! (:

He might find it weird because he knows that you like him, or he might like you back but doesn't want to ask you out, or he's a guy, god knows !

it mean he likes you more than a friend or he hates you

It means he is waiting to see how it goes. You shouldn't rush him. Take the time to see if the guy is right for you.

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