Is it more expensive to heat with 110 volts instead of 220 volts?

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No, it costs the same no matter what voltage is used. The cost is based on the kilo wattage used per hour. The equation that best explains this is Watts = Amps x Volts. For example if there is a device that draws 1000 watts, it is the product of the amps drawn by the voltage needed to make the device operate. At 110 volts the amperage will be 1000/110 = 9.09 amps to equal 1000 watts. At 220 volts the amperage will be 1000/220 = 4.45 amps. At 480 volts the amperage will be 1000/480 = 2.08. As you can see both sides of the equation always balance. This is the reason you are billed on wattage use rather than what the amperage or voltage is because these values vary depending on what the manufacturer recommends to operate their equipment.
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Can 220 volt appliances be used in 110 volt countries?

It depends. If they are multiple voltage 110-220v appliances (such as most computer power supplies are) they obviously can be, taking special care to check if a switch has to be flipped to use the other voltage. If they are 220v-only devices, you need some sort of a converter to use them. That can b ( Full Answer )

Can you rewire a 220 Volt motor to run on 110 Volts?

Generally, NO. On the other hand, a few motors were designed to be "convertible," in that their original windings were designed to work on multiple voltages by altering the wiring at the junction box terminals on the motor. If it's not shown on a label inside the motor's junction box you'll need ( Full Answer )

Can a 220 volt appliance work on 110 volt circuit?

A 220 volt appliance should not be plugged into a 110 outlet. At best, it won't work. At worst, it will break. It is possible to run some appliances on 110 volt circuits by means of special adapters. However, this is only works well with devices that use little electricity. Anything larger than a ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage of using 110 volts over 220 volts?

it hurts less when you get electricuted? Other than that, not much - just depends on what you're trying to run off of that power supply. 110 volts grid requires bigger number of smaller size of step-down transformers. Smaller transformers can be placed on a poles. 220 volt transformers are signi ( Full Answer )

Can you use 110 volt wire on 220 volt current?

Yes you can, but your wire will overheat and it may melt or cause a fire. edited : this is not even a correct question. You must reword your question. This is like asking if I cut open an orange can i eat a piece of apple?

How do you run 110 volt appliance in 220 volt?

It depends on the appliance you are wanting to use. Most modern charging units for things like mobile phones, computers, electric shavers etc. etc. are rated to work at both voltages so you could use them quite safely. To find out if they are rated look on the body of the charger unit and it will te ( Full Answer )

How to split 220 volt into two 110 volt?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. Before an explanation of how to do this you should keep in mind that this is for a single receptacle only. If any other receptacles are on the same circuit they will also be changed to 120 volts. The existing two pole breaker ( Full Answer )

How do you rewire a 220 volt receptacle to produce 110 volts?

A 220 volt receptacle is a receptacle which has 2 wires carrying 110 has two "hot" wires at 110 and a neutral or common leg which has no voltage. A 110 volt receptacle is a receptacle which has 1 wire which carries 110 volts and a common wire. The wiring in the USA is almost standardized ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the RMS of 440volts 220 volts 110 volts?

RMS stands for root mean squared, and is an easier way to refer to AC voltage. To calculate Vrms, you just take your peak voltage and divide by the square root of 2. Thus, we get the equation Vp/(2^1/2). For power and amperage the calculation is a bit more complicated, but it's very easy for voltage ( Full Answer )

220 volt circuit to 110 volt?

I am in Manila and would like to make 1 220 volt receptacle into a 110 volt receptacle thanks

Can a 110 volt appliance work on 220 volt circuit?

No, not directly. A 110V appliance plugged into a 220V circuit will likely burn up. There are adapters that can lower the voltage, but they are not recommended for extended use and might be against local fire codes.

How do you test a 110 volt 220 volt motor?

If by using the word "test" it is meant to establish the condition of the motor in an operative state, then there are a couple of things that can be done. The very first thing is to measure the amperage that the motor is drawing and compare that value to what the manufacturer recommends on the motor ( Full Answer )

Can you convert 110 volt to 220 volt?

yes, you would have to replace the single poll breaker with a 2 poll of the same trip rating. I use the word carefully often as a reminder, the circuit breaker panel is hot. If you have the luxury of turning off the main breaker, do so. It also assumed you have room for a 2 pole breaker. Tools yo ( Full Answer )

Can a 110 volt appliance work on 220 volt in Philippines?

1) Possible... You can buy a converter in any electrical supplies store. Plug in your appliance(s) in this converter then plug the converter into your 220V outlet. 2) Most of the Automatic Voltage Regulator has a 110V outlet. Plug in your appliance in this outlet and plug in the AVR in the ( Full Answer )

Can a home have both 110 volt and 220 volt power?

In the U.S.A., from the utility's transformer, all homes are provided with two 120 volt, alternating phases. (A phase black, B phase red) and a neutral (white) - called a single phase 3-wire system. The neutral (white wire) allows for balance and return of the current, from and for each phase. If on ( Full Answer )

How do you convert from 480 volt to 220 volt or 110 volt?

AC voltage conversions are usually done with transformers. Most commonly, a 3 phase 277/480v system is transformed to a 3 phase 120/208v system. You can, however transform to anything you like with the proper transformer. If you are trying to convert 480v single phase to 240v single phase, such a ( Full Answer )

Fuse to protect 110 volt from 220 volt?

There is no such thing as fuses are rated in amps, not volts. a 10 amp fuse will protect against anything over 10 amps regardless of the voltage used.

Can you plug a 110 volt plug into a 220 volt?

You will need an adapter assuming you're going to a country that uses 220 instead of 110. Just make sure whatever you're plugging into the 220 V outlet can handle it.

Can you use 110 volt printer with 220 volt?

You need a step down voltage transformer that converts 220 volt to 110 volt to use a 110 volt printer with 220 volt. You can get good quality transformers at East West International in Houston, TX. If you order online or over the phone, they can ship it to you in 2-3 business days.

Why have different 110 volt and 220 volt?

Some of the more powerful motors need more voltage to operate but it would be a waste to have all small motors also use 220 volts. Think of it like a semi truck. It needs the larger, more powerful engine to do it's job but to put that same motor in an economy car would be way too much.

Does a 110 volt air conditioner use more electricity than 220 volt?

In general, yes. but what is important is to look at the SEER rating of the unit. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit. Also, consider the size of the room you are trying to cool and the average outside temp and humidity that the unit will be working against. You may only need a 5000 B ( Full Answer )

How can you determine if you have 110 or 220 volts?

Most residential service in USA has both. In the USA 110 to 120 volts is a given and it would be very unusual not to have 220 to 240 volts. It can be easily tested at main panel with a volt meter. Or as an alternative call your power company.

How do you rewire a 110 volt receptacle to produce 220 volts?

You would need to rewire it at the breaker box, and switch it from a single pole breaker to a double pole breaker. But when you do, all outlets and lights on that circuit will carry 240 volts. Best thing to do is run a new wire to the outlet you want to carry 240 volts. Put it on it's own circuit wi ( Full Answer )

Can you power a 220 volt clock from a 110 volt panel?

When the manufacturer specifies a specific voltage to operate their equipment, that is the voltage that has to be utilized. If you transform the 110 volts from the panel to 220 volts then you are adhering to the manufactures specifications and the device will work. The thing to watch with clocks is ( Full Answer )

Can a 220 volt heating element operate on 110 volts?

220 heater on 110 volts The load is a resistive load and as such it is governed by Ohm's law. Current is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance. As the voltage goes down so does the current. For example take a 2200 watt heater at 220 volts = 10 amps. R = ( Full Answer )

How can you determine the outlet is 110 volt or 220 volt?

In most instances the size, shape and configuration of slots indicate the voltage. If not sure, test with a voltage tester. If a voltage tester is not available go to your distribution panel and find the source breaker that supplies voltage to the receptacle outlet. If it is fed with a single 15 ( Full Answer )

How can a 110 volt sound system be converted to 220 volt?

Some types of sound systems can be adjusted to run on 110 v or 220 v so look at the back plate to see if this is possible. If not, then a transformer is required to convert the supply voltage to the voltage (and power) required by the appliance.

How do you change a 110 volt device into a 220 volt device?

You need a transformer to do it permanently (the device isn'tchanged, the voltage is), but you'll often see some type of series resistor added in serieswith tje power plug for small devices such as electric razors takento Europe.

Can I use 110 volt led light on 220 volts?

You should not. There is a very good chance that it will burn outthe electronic components in the bulb assembly. If it results in ashort circuit inside the bulb, you may also trigger your homecircuit breaker for that circuit. You should read the label information on the base. If it says it israted ( Full Answer )