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Q: Is it normal after break ups for the guy or girl to start doing drugs?
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How do you start doing drugs?

you should not use drugs

When did Lindsay Lohan start doing drugs?

She started drugs at the age of 14 and a half.

When did Charlie Sheen start doing drugs?

Type your answer here... Charlie Sheen started doing drugs when he was 12 yrs. old

How can you prevent drug abuse?

You can prevent drug abuse by not doing drugs. Once you do start doing drugs it is hard to stop. Never give in to the pressure of doing drugs because it can ruin your whole life.

What are the effects of doing drugs?

You may get a "High" or a "Buzz" from doing drugs, slowly killing off your brain cells. eventually, your body will start shutting down.

Why did Charlie Sheen start doing drugs?

Because he wanted to, I guess.

When did josh peck start doing drugs?

it was his choice. only he ca answer that.

What is the age when kids start doing drugs?

When they realise that life is hard.

Why did Johnny Cash start doing drugs?

I believe he was stressed with the fame and fortune

Why do celebrities start doing drugs?

because they are just like everone else

How do people start doing drugs?

The reason why people start doing drugs that are bad for you is because they might feel depressed or want to fit in, or want to look more grown up, or even because they want to seem cool.

How long do you have to be on drugs to become addicted?

you can be addicted from the moment you start but it only takes a little bit for you to become in the habbit of doing drugs.

If you have your period for 4 days then stops and 2 days you start spotting again is that normal?

yes it is normal there was just a break.

How could I start an essay about how drugs make you crazy?

easy just tell all the people who do drugs including alcoholics why they should stop doing drugs and make sure you be anonymous so you wont get beat up if your mailing it to other people doing drugs other wise keep it for yourself

How does drugs affect a family?

Drugs affect a family because it breaks up the family and then the young family members around could start doing drugs and selling it at a young age. Also u or other family can go to jail with having the position of illegal drugs. It can break up the family as well because they don't feel the need to do so. Its not worth losing your family and when your in jail you have nobody

Why do celebrities start doing bad things like taking drugs?

Because they feel like it.... that's the answer

How do drug abuse affect spiritual health?

Well, doing drugs is a sin, so not only will you be sinning, but after a long time you start to care about nothing, other than your drugs. You start not caring, then giving up, then committing other sins to get the drugs, such as murder and thievery.

What is a 6 word sentence which all the words start with D?

Dan's darling daughter died doing drugs.

Is it normal for you period to start at different times each month when on birth control?

Providing it arrives when on the 7 day break or sugar pills then this is normal.

When will gangsta bean 3 come out?

Gangsta Bean 3 will come out on when the makers start doing drugs.

When did break dance start?

When the break dane start

How did Amy Winehouse start doing drugs?

According to her father, it was not until she met Blake Fielder-Civil. He blamed him for all the trouble.

If you start having intercourse but then you start getting your period every two weeks is that normal then you get a black discharge is that normal too?

No a "black discharge" is not normal. Using BCP or MAP can cause irregular bleeding and break thru bleeding in the first three months of using OCP.

How do you tell that your about to start your period?

i usually cramp and, eating more than normal, and my face starts to break out. but everyone is different

Is it normal to have blood clots 5 weeks after hysterectomy?

My nurse said that it is normal to have some blood clots. As you begin to heel the blood clots will start to break away from the wound.

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