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If you have been going to your regular check ups, then I'm sure everything is fine. Just mention your concern to your doctor at your next visit. If you are are really worried, call them and see if you need to come in earlier. If you haven't been seeing a doctor on a regular basis, you should go see a doctor. 20 weeks is a bit early to be able to feel the baby, but some women do feel it that early.

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Q: Is it normal for a baby to be not kicking even after 20 weeks?
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Is it true that the HCG test will be negative even though you have vaginal bleeding monthly but you feel the baby kicking?

The HCG level drops after 20 weeks when you start to feel the baby kick. Have you had an ultrasound scan because monthly bleeding during pregnancy is not normal?

You are six months pregnant and your baby is constantly kicking is that normal?

I'm 7 months pregnant and as far as my doctor tells me, constant or almost constant movement is normal. We're up and moving around all day, why shouldn't the baby? You should see it start to decrease as your pregnancy progresses because the baby will be running out of room to move around, but even now (at 30 weeks) my baby is constantly kicking. Each fetus is different; some may move more than others and more activity in the womb may lead to a more active child once he/she is born.

How far along in a pregnancy do you feel the baby kicking?

I think that for a first pregnancy, it's usually at about 16 weeks at the earliest that the mother may feel the baby kick. If you've already had a baby, you might feel it earlier. But it's not really a kicking sensation, more like having a butterfly fluttering around in your tummy and you might even just think that it's wind or something at first! It's not till probably 20+ weeks before other people can feel it by placing their hand on your tummy.

Can you feel a baby kick at 3 weeks?

absolutely not! at 3 weeks there isn't even a baby! just quite possible a ball of cells

Is seven inches normal?

for height, no. even a baby is taller

Is the baby okay if he is not kicking much at 31 or 32 weeks?

Sometimes there is less movement when the baby is still growing. Ask your doctor about this. Maybe they can suggest what's called a non-stress test or even an ultrasound.AnswerAt this point in your pregnancy you are supposed to feel some sort of movement at least once an hour. I'm 33 weeks and that's what they told me. That could be a sign that something is wrong, everyones situation is different.

Is it normal to feel pressure on your vaginal when you are 35 weeks pregnant?

Yes and it can even be painful.

Iam only 16 weeks should you feel the baby move everyday?

No not yet. Even after the baby starts to be felt everyday in a few more weeks there will still be some days you will barely feel the baby if at all.

Can you lose your baby at 23 weeks pregnant?

yes you can even lose it when its born..sad :(

How do you get a ghost baby in sims 3 ds?

i dont think you can sorry i dont even know if you can have a normal baby

Can a human have a vampire baby on sims 2 PC?

No even if the parents are both vampires, any baby born will be a normal sim baby.

Are you able to see a baby at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

yes you can you can properly see how the baby is formed by sometimes you can have a miscarriage even though the baby is formed properly my estimates your baby will be okay

Why did period start 2 weeks late could you still be pregnant?

If you had a normal period, even 2 weeks late - most likely you are not pregnant.

How far along do you have to be in order to determine the gender of a human fetus?

16+ weeks but normally 20 + weeks, even then the baby needs to be in the right position.

Can your baby hear you at 7week's pregnant?

no your babies ears arent even in position yet and it still looks like a sea monkey....around 20 weeks is when the baby can hear you! no your babies ears arent even in position yet and it still looks like a sea monkey....around 20 weeks is when the baby can hear you!

When do you start feeling baby movements during pregnancy?

usually when you are around 16 and 22 weeks, even though he/she started moving at 7 or 8 weeks.

Can you start showing at 3 weeks of your pregnancy?

No. At three weeks pregnancy may not even be able to be detected through an ultrasound. Most ultrasounds wont even be done until 5 weeks of pregnancy. At three weeks the cells are still forming. Here is what your "baby" looks like at three weeks. *

What are the Nine months of pregnancy?

It takes nine months for a baby to develop in your womb. It is normally described as 40 weeks because doctors can never exactly predict when you concived, so they say 40 weeks even though a baby only takes 36 weeks to develop.

What is normal blood pressure for five month old baby?

The normal BP for a five month old baby would be around 90/60 to 100/65. It could even be a little lower.

Is it normal to not feel a baby kick at 24 weeks?

Normally a first time mother will feel fetal movement between 18-22 weeks.. A woman who has already had a child is likely to feel the movement sooner. Even though most women feel movement before 24 weeks, the position of the placenta plays a big role on if or when you will feel fetal movement. If the placenta is between the baby and your belly, you may not feel fetal movement at all.

Can a baby see at 3 weeks old?

Yes a baby can see at the age of 3 weeks, but only objects no farther than a couple of inches away from them. And even then it is most likely blury and hard to make out what is being looked at.

What is does the average baby weigh at 21 weeks?

The baby will weigh about 10-11 ounces and is about 7 inches long! By 21 weeks the baby's facial features are fully formed, hair is growing and can even suck his/her thumb and yawn!

What does a baby look like at 6 weeks?

At 6 weeks the baby is 2 to 4 cm long from its head to its bum. Arms and legs are beginning to develop and a little heart is starting to pump. It even has a mouth and a tongue and eyes!

Is it possible for a baby to be undetected by ultrasound at 17 weeks?

If the doctor is blind and deaf. You can even hear the heartbeat at that stage.

Can you see a baby on an ultrasound at two weeks pregnancy?

Absolutely isn't even just a cm or so at that time...