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Yes, it's quite normal for a child not to dress themselves properly, and the potty business has always been a hard one for parents. Each child is different as to learning both these skills. Here are a few hints: Make it fun for your child to dress themselves, but be ready for shoes on backwards as well as sweaters or skirts. It is quite funny and if you can take pictures to and tell your child how proud you are of them. For potty training you should go on a reward system. Sometimes (depending on the size of the child) they are unable to wipe themselves successfully, so I wouldn't be too concerned about this. Your child's peers will straighten things out for you. Your child will learn in kindergarten that other children can do these things eventually and if you don't make too big a fuss over your child not being able to do these things it will all balance out. I wouldn't worry. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it normal for a four year old not to be able to put her own clothes on or wipe her own bottom when she uses the potty?
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