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Interesting question. How do you manage to put yourself into that situation? No offense, but most people I know that have ended up like this is because they live beyond their means. Your former partner, is possibly a leach or there were more underlying causes and the timing was coincidental or the final straw. It may be the reason for filing bankruptcy. People often have very strong feelings about this kind of thing. Some refuse to do it because of pride. I don't know what your circumstances were that led to filing bankruptcy. Was this something you could have avoided? Was the need to file due to irresponsible overspending rather than a situation beyond your control? Did you have other options but just wanted to take the easy way out? I'm not accusing... just trying to think of any possible underlying reasons which could cause somebody to be upset with you about filing. Only a very small percentage of BK's are filed by persons who live a lifestyle higher than they can afford. The most common reasons are job loss and serious illness or injury which result in overwhelming medical expenses. Being in financial distress often creates a division between spouses or intimate partners regardless of whether it results in bankruptcy or not. If a person is dating with a mind towards getting married then maybe s/he broke it off because when you marry someone their credit rating mingles with yours. S/he may not want your bankruptcy to affect future mortgages, loans, credit cards etc.

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Q: Is it normal for a person to break up with you because you filed bankruptcy?
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