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Although it is not common, people do wear diapers at older ages. There can be many causes for it such as CIPA (Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis) which would make it more difficult for some people to respond to the sensation of needing to reveal ones self. There are also other reasons which can be related to organ dysfunction and muscle tension. Some people may also simply prefer them, or have had issues regarding using the toilet and have found that wearing diapers is preferable.

The preference to wear diapers however could also be related to a delayed mental development or regression, or a form of trauma which has yet to reveal itself into the conscious mind. If it does become and issue, I would suggest seeking help to see if there are any underlying causes other than a simple desire to wear diapers.

However, there are a surprising number of people out there with simply a diaper fetish. Information about this can be found by searching AB/DL on any search engine. It is harmless and is typically a sexual preference sort of thing.

of course each and every Thing must have a name and so may be the word fetish stands for convenience a lot of times ... like for me ...

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Q: Is it normal for a teenager to want to wear diapers?
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Is it normal for a teenager girl to want to wear diapers?

No. but some do

If you are a teenager is it normal to want to wear diapers?


Is it normal for a teenager to want to wear dirty diapers?

It is not normal. If you do you need a treatment.

Is it normal for a teenager to want to wear adult diapers?

It isn't normal but you can if you feel you need to!

Is it normal for a teenager to want to wear diapers and pee and soil them?

I would not say it is Not Normal! but rather it is Very Rare. As an Adult Baby I Have always worn diapers due to incontinence. If a Teenager suffers from incontinence and wants to wear diapers than that is normal. With just under 64 million people in the USA choosing to wear diapers for comfort or emotional or sexual need It is common enough to say that it is a Normal part of human ego. If a teenager wants to wear diapers and run around showing people that they are wearing a diaper that's not normal. Adult / Teen Babies, Diaper lovers, and Sissy Babies have nothing to do with Pedophilia. We want to be the child plain and simple. My Adult Baby age is 12 months old, when I regress I act just like a 1 year old. But in the end it is just an act.

Can a teenager wear baby diapers?

why yes yes they can if they can fit into them.

Is it normal for teen girls to wear diapers?


Is it normal for teenaged girls to wear diapers?

No but I do

Is it normal for teenage boy s to wear diapers?

No, it is not normal for a teenage boy to wear diapers. The boy might have an incontinence issue that causes the need for the diapers just as some adults have this issue.

Can teenagers wear diapers if they don't have a medical problem?

It is not normal for teenagers to wear diapers if they don't have a medical issue.

How does a teenager tell their parents they like diapers and want to wear them without being rejected?

if u have a good relationship with them u should just go up and tell them that u like to wear diapers or say u have a diaper fetish.

Is it ok to wear diapers as an adult for fun?

If you want to wear diapers, it's up to you.

You want to wear diapers but you are 10 and don't have a problem?

just wear the diapers for gods sake!why can anyone stop you from doing what you want?

Should you let your teenager wear diapers with they want to?

Yes I don't see why not. If they need to because they wet the bed take them to the doctor to find out what is wrong.

Is it normal for a teenager to wear diapers?

It's not normal for teenagers to wear diapers, unless they have some medical condition that inhibits their control of their bodily functions.Teenagers are expected to be fully toilet trained.For someone who've suddenly developed a need for diapers there are medical issues that would need to be looked at with some urgency if it is happening.An appointment with a urologist is called for immediately.A small number of people like to wear diapers as part of (sexual) role-playing, but that's quite rare.

Is it ok if teens wear diapers?

It is perfectly fine fo teens to wear diapers. They have reached an age of independence if they want to wear diapers let them. But let them change themselves

Is it ok for adults to love to wear diapers?

You are an adult. You don't need anyone's permission to wear diapers, if that's what you want to do!

How does a teenager get their parents to let them wear diapers?

tell your parents that you need it and it is very important to youJust tell them why.

Adults who want to wear diapers?

This is not a question but a statement.

Can someone who drinks alcohol wear diapers?

If they want to.

Should you wear diapers to school if you wet yourself?

You can if you want to

I have a friend who will wear diapers under mini skirts and short shorts. Is it normal for a 22 year old woman to expose her diapers in public?

It's not common, as most women will want to be more discreet about it.

Will people make fun of you if you wear diapers?

If you're above around the age of 5 and/or below the age of 70 or so then yeah. "Normal" people don't wear diapers.

What if your 6 year old still wants to wear diapers?

You let him or her wear diapers. You can't force the 6 year old to do something they don't want to do.

You wear diapers and im 14 is that normal?

well depens why u r wearing it

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