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Yes, it can be. If you are under stress this can cause missed periods. If you have been sick, on a diet, all of these things can cause missed periods. If you are young and just starting your periods it is common to skip months or to have irregular period. It takes a year or two before a cycle becomes regular.

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Q: Is it normal for a virgin to miss two periods?
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Is it normal to get periods for two days only in a month for a virgin teenager?

yes, if it's your first time starting.

When you first start your period and are a virgin is it normal to skip a period and then have really heavy cramps and bleeding?

That's perfectly normal. During the first one to two years, periods can be very irregular. You may skip one or two months, or have one light period, and a heavy one next. If you miss more than three periods in a row, though, I suggest seeing your doctor.

What do it mean when you have two periods in one month?

Its actually normal , some people cycles are different , some people even miss a couple of months.

Is it normal if in you miss 6 months of periods first year?

Yes, very normal...girls are usually all over the place and ireggular the fist year or two so dont worry!

Is it unusual to miss two periods when going through puberty?

No, it is not unusual to miss a period or two when you are going through puberty.

Is it possible to miss two periods and be pregnant?

If you have had sex, pregnancy is a possibility.

Is it normal to only get the brown discharge instead of your period for the last two months for a virgin teenager?

yes its normal , if your period is late you can have brown discharge also it happens after periods and it mean its cleaning out your vagina and old blood looks brown.

If you have had 2 normal periods is there a chance you could still be pregnant i have some symptoms....?

If you had two normal periods , the chances of you getting pregnant are very little.

You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

What does it mean when you miss your period for two months and then get your period the third month?

It simply means that you missed your periods for two months - chances are you did not ovulate those two months, it's normal for ovulation to be delayed if you're young or if you're experiencing poor health - the third month your cycles returned to normal, and hopefully they remain so.

You are 19 years old and virgin getting periods once in two months from the beginning. is there any health problem?

No, but I would check with a doctor if it is more than a 2 months, because this could be dangerous or you might caring a child you if your periods do not happen for a while and when you are caring a child you might be have discharges that may look like your normal periods, so get a doctor as soon as possible.

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