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i have pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome). bleeding like this can occur. i have went 3 months before...then turn around and not have a period for 7 months. if you are experiencing bleeding this long see your doc. like now i haven't had a period in 3 months and just started spotting 3 days ago...don't be like me and put having something this extreme off. i spotted for 6 months before i had the courage to go see a doctor. good luck. hope this helped.

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Q: Is it normal for a woman to be on her period for a month at a time?
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What Time of the month at the woman means?

time of month means when a girl or women is on their period.... duuhhh.....

Can a woman have a period the first month of her pregnancy?

yes. that has been proven time and time again. with me it was a lighter period than normal but it still happens. especially if you were using a form of birth control when you concieved.

Is it normal for your period to be behind a few weeks if you startd for the first time the month before?

no, it is normal. when you start your period for the first time it takes a year or two to become a normal cycle.

I got the shot on the first day of my period last month and have no period at the expected time this month is this normal?

Yes, this is a normal "side effect" of depo. My menses also stopped after my first shot.

Can you be pregnant if you had normal period last month but this month is was light brown and not heavy and No cramping no nothing?

Time to take a test.

Do you get your period at the end of the month?

You can get your period at ANY time of the month.

Can a woman be pregnant if her period comes on time and its her normal every month heavy flow and she has no symptoms of a pregnancy and had NO sex but a guy ejected on her upper stomach?

If that's the only place the ejecta went - no.

Is it normal to have a period that lasts a month for a 13 years old girl getting her period for the second time?

No i dont think that is normal. Go see a docter sweetheart for a professional opinion.

What does tom stand for?

Time of the month. Time of month. = a period.

Can you get pregaunt and be on your period?

No, once your period begins you are no longer ovulating. A woman ovulates before menstraion, this the only time of the month that a female can become pregnant

Is it normal to have 2 periods in the same month and the next month your period is delayed 5 days?

Yes, this is normal. Happens to me all the time. You were probably just more stressed out that month than usual. You should be back on track the next month or so.

Why are you on your period for the second time this month?

This may mean ur cycle is changing because as for myself I usually get my period with in every 26 days in a month but recently it has been changing to every 28 days in a month so keep tract of ur period and remember some month's have 31 days so it is normal to get ur period twice in one month. I hope this helps

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