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Not usually - I would suggest you seek some counselling and talk with someone to address these issues before you get any older. Yes. A lot of young men are still virgins, also most men are interested in younger women. Not wierd at all. Just don't be creepy about it.


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not if your a backdoor virgin.

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Being a virgin at the age of 30 is very normal. Everyone chooses to loose their virginity at a different age, and you certainly shouldn't be ashamed of your sexual status.

A girl can miss her period randomly if she is a virgin for multiple reasons.

Will depending if the girl is a virgin n if she is really upses with sex

Yes it is normal to bleed after a female virgin has sex because usually the hymen is ripped with the introduction of the penis You're not a virgin after the sex. And yes it is normal. I've seen this question alot on this site. Did anyone out there ever take "Family Life" (aka Sex Ed)?

it can mean two things 1 there not interested 2 they wanna make u a non-virgin ( if that's even a word )

Just as deep as a non-virgin as the vagina goes back to normal size after sex, pregnancy.

this is completely normal for a female.

hmm... it depend from the character of a boy

5 yrs old you forever virgin

You don't "open" a virgin girl. The two of you would have normal sexual intercourse just as any other two people would.

Well if you've had sex, you're not a virgin. If you bleed after sex, he's probably doing it too hard.

Yes, it is completely normal to get brown discharge for four days before your period, this is spotting which is just light bleeding as your period starts. A virgin is absolutely no different to a non-virgin.

don't worry your periods are just irregular. its completely normal.

Mary conceived Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and not through the normal sexual means. She remained a virgin even after the birth.

Yes it is normal. Some people want to have sex and others don't. By the way, it is really good that you are a virgin.

Yes, Mary gave birth in the normal way but it is the belief of Catholics that she did not suffer the normal pains of childbirth.

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No, they are normal flat steel or porcelain urinals.

No. Lisa Presley said they had a normal life as married which includes a sexlife.

Normal western dress (with a heavy emphasis on basketball shirts).

Yes. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin until sometime after the birth of Jesus. After this she had a normal marital relationship with her husband Joseph, and they became parents to other children who were the half-brothers and sisters of Jesus. Some religions teach that she continued to be a virgin after Jesus was born, but that is not in the Bible. She was a normal human being in every respect.

No, season one may be repeated on E4 though. Buy the boxsets if you are interested, perhaps. You could try on demand on virgin.Sky One is now on Virgin again. They have settled their dispute.

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