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Most people will automatically jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant, if you are displaying symptoms of pregnancy! Office gossip always has to have a latest subject!!!! Remember that all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, could also have other reasons as to why they are happening to your body. Take a pregnancy test and if it comes back negative, check out your symptoms with your Dr.

2006-08-04 15:22:57
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Just because I have the symptoms does that mean im pregnant?

No, you can have the symptoms and not be pregnant and not have any symptoms but still be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to take a test.

You took a pregnancy test because you have all the symptoms But because the test came out negative you were diagnosed with PID in which you dont believe you have What do you do?

if you were diagnosed, chances are you do have PID. not all symptoms leaning tword being pregnant mean that you are. test yourself again. and start having protected sex.

Do guys have symptoms of pregnancy?

If I am correct, men can get what they think are symptoms of pregnancy, but really they are just worried about there pregnant girlfriend or wife or partner... But literally, men can not get real symptoms of being pregnant because they are not female. hope this helped!!

Can you get period symptoms and not get your period?

yes, many woman have had these symptoms and think it is because of there period. but it could also be from stress or that your pregnant

You have symptoms of being pregnant but negative test results can you be pregnant?

Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it is more reliable

Why would a woman experience pregnancy symptoms if shes not pregnant?

because birth control can make you think you're pregnant.

Why should everyone be informed about the Ebola virus?

Everyone should be informe because they need to make sure they don't get the symptoms

Can you get pregnant if you touch sperm and then clean yourself when you go to the bathroom?

yes you can become pregnant because it touched you

How can you be sure that you have pregnancy symptoms and its not something else?

Because you can get the doctor to do a test to prove that you are pregnant

Can you be pregnant without many symptoms?

Hello, although im only a young teen, i do actually believe that you can be pregnant without many symptoms because my sister was 21weeks into her pregnancy before she found out about it, and she had hardly no symptoms at all. hope that helped xx

You missed your period and you feel very tired weak and have faintness are you pregnant?

It is nearly impossible to determine if you are pregnant via symptoms, because what you have described are the symptoms of at least nine different conditions. See a doctor.

Could you have pregnancy symptoms but you when to the doctor and the test was negative?

loads of us go through pregnancy symptoms when we're not pregnant our mind it play tricks on us!!!!! just get over it really cause if it came up negative your not pregnant just forget about it because the more you think about it the more your body will believe your pregnant and that's why you go through pregnancy symptoms because it on your mind all time then your body thinks your pregnant

Are the premenstrual symptoms similar to the pregnancy symptoms?

I have had three children and each pregnancy symptoms was different so to your answer yes and no so really no one can really tell you that answer because everyone is different.

I have symptoms but Im not sure if Im pregnant because of getting off depo recently What should you do?

If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

How can a woman know when she is pregnant?

by missing her period also taking a pregnancy test. symptoms are hard to go by because women can have same symptoms for pregnancy and period.

You have all the symptoms of being pregnant but all your pregnancy test came back negative could you be pregnant?

yes, you coul be pregnant because home PT are not as accurate as blood test.

What if your not pregnant but your having pregnancy symptoms?

Some woman do get things like this. As we get older our bodies can do this to us. You may think they are pregnancy symptoms, but are not. If you're vomiting, could be food poisoning. If you crave things, I've been having that for over three years and I've never been pregnant. It is normal for some woman to think their pregnant because they assume 'prenancy symptoms' mean your pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your having sore breast lower stomach pain and headaches everyday?

All of these symptoms are symptoms of pregnancy, but this does not give you a 100% certainty that you are pregnant. It can be a coincidence that all these factors are happening at the same time, but because all of these are common with pregnancy, it is safe to presume that you are pregnant.

Pregnant without any symptoms?

you can get pregenant and have no symptoms. because it can come at any stage of pregnancy. the best thing to do if you are worryed is go to a docter and they will help you from there. best luck.

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy prior to implantation?

It is unlikely because until implantation takes you are not actually pregnant - but if you are early in a pregnancy, I'm not going to say your symptoms aren't real.

Can women tell they are pregnant before experiencing any symptoms?

Some women claim that they just have that "gut feeling" that they are pregnant and they turn out to actually be pregnant. The problem with this is many women have that same gut feeling because they are worried about being pregnant when they really aren't. The mind is a very powerful thing that, if stressing about it enough, will begin to play tricks on you. You can begin to experience those pregnancy symptoms because of the stress even though you aren't pregnant, such as feeling bloated, nauseated, or cravings. All of those are symptoms that can be influenced by state of mine instead of true "scientific" symptoms that can't be altered by mindful thinking.

Why should men treat a pregnant woman with respect?

Because everyone should be treated with respect.

Why does a man want to get a woman pregnant?

because they want a babyOr so they can tell everyone what a stud they are.

Can you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms but the tests are negative?

I would say you probably aren't pregnant because you have had your period and home tests are negative. But just to be sure you should go see a doctor. They will be able to give you a blood test and answer your questions better. you. Good luck! i disagree. you never said that you had your period. everyone is different. not everyone has the exact same symptoms at the exact same time. i would wait another week then test again. the levels of hcg may not be strong enough to detect yet!

What if your pregnant symptoms comes the next day?

It is all in your head because you are anxious after unprotected sex, you probably are imagining the symptoms. Take the morning after pill if you are that paranoid, but wait at least a week before believing the symptoms to be real.