Is it normal for the odometer light on your Pontiac Sunfire to go out at 53K miles?

Not too unusual. Just a pain. Replace it. John In Montana

Yes, this has happened on my car 2 times now. The cluster (all of the guages in the dash) has to be replaced. This is a factory product problem. But it is not dangerous, so they have not recalled the car for it. The cost is roughly $300 plus the dealer install time...about 3 hours.

It is normal on a Sunfire. I've had two different Sunfire's and I've had to put new clusters in both of them. The first one at 38K and the second one at 42K. This is where that extended warranty comes in handy...


Just bought a 99 Sunfire Gt. It had the odometer light out.

I pulled out the gauge cluster and on the back is a steel cover.

Remove the cover. Then where the odometer is you will see a red clip, turn to the left and remove it. It as you will see is a bulb. You can rip on off another one at the wreckers or. You will need to go to Parts Source and get the smallest(closest match in size) 12volt bulb $2.00 and then go to an electronic repair shop and have them solder in the new bulb $4.00. (you can have them solder it direct to electronic board, that's what I did).


Just tooling around on my sunfire and figuring things is what I do best.

A new gauge cluster is what everyone told me...bull I have done this repair and it works like new, beeen working great for the last 6 months.