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well that depends... when you first pierce it your navel will swell so after some time it may seem like the skin is shrinking but the swelling is just going down.thats what heppend with mine but if u feel that this is still odd u should go see your doctor about it. ... It does happen, just like with surface piercings, the piercist will warn you that over time the skin will shrink. its nothing serious though.

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What happens when you remove a belly ring?

The piercing can shrink and close and you loose the piercing.........

How long does it take for ear gauges to close?

The time it took to stretch the piercing is the same time or longer for them to shrink if not longer and hopefully you didnt tear the lobes doing the stretch. If you did tear the piercings then when they shrink they will look like they are puckered once they have shrunk back and they will not completely shrink to prestretch normal.

Can you use 16g in a 14g lip piercing?

Sure if you want it to fall out or shrink!

How long can you can I stay at a 0 gauge and still be able to shrink back down to a piercing size?

Only a couple of months, once the tissue is seasoned it will not shrink down and you will need to get medical intervention in order to have the piercing close. (lancing)

Will you have a permanent hole in your ear after removing a cartilage piercing?

All piercing shrink down once the piercing is fully healed and the jewellery is removed, yes the hole is pretty much permanent.

How long does it take until a year-old lip piercing heals with as little mark as possible?

Well the longer the jewellery is left out of the piercing the sooner it will close and shrink to be less noticable unless you had a serious issue with the piercing then it may take even longer. Once you have had a piercing for over a year it can take sevral months without jewellery in the piercing to shrink and become unnoticable, the piercing doesn't just close and heal up the body has to work in reverse of healing to close the piercing permanently and this takes time.

If you have had a naval piercing for a long time and you take it out will it close?

Well it will over time, it needs to shrink then it closes this can take weeks to months to occur depending on the piercing.

Can you un gauge your ear?

Depending on how big you stretched your ears to, the holes will shrink down to a normal piercing size or close to it. Every person's body is different with how they heal, so it really depends on your immune system.

If you had your eyebrow piercing for only a month how long will it take to close?

It would take a matter of a few hours for the piercing to shrink then maybe a day for it to start to knit closed.

How long does it take a 3 year old belly button piercing to close?

After 3 years chances are good it wont close, the piercing will shrink but not close completely.

Can a gauged ear cartilage piercing shrink?

Yes, The skin will begin to cover the hole causing it to "shrink" usually you should have no problem reinserting the jewelry as its not cartlidge just skin which can be stretched

How long will it take to close a navel piercing of five years?

Well if you have had the piercing that long it won't close, however it will shrink over time. The mark left by the initial piercing will remain in place and will look less noticable over time.

How do you close your nose piercing if its 5 years old Could you scratch up the inside so that it grows together?

No. Go talk to your doctor if you want the piercing to close up that badly. Over time the piercing will shrink and will become unnoticeable

How long after a tongue piercing is it until you can take the bar out?

The point of piercing is to leave the barbell in place not take it out after getting the piercing done, but if you need to remove it you can do so after two weeks, but only if you intend to leave it out all together and have the piercing close up. The piercing will shrink very quickly and removal should be on a very short term period.

What is the difference between shrink and shrinking?

shrink is something that has happened and shrinking is happening in present.

Can you re pierce the scoop tongue piercing?

Oral piercing generally don't close up, they tend to just shrink. I would suggest a visit to your local professional body piercer and have him/her use a taper to probe the area and see if the piercing is still open (which it should be). This would save you a piercing fee and healing time.

What is the difference between plastic wrap and shrink wrap?

All shrink wrap is plastic wrap, but not all plastic wrap is shrink wrap.

Why does your sack shrink to the point of pain?

it isn't normal for that to happen. you definetly should get that checked out. you obviouls have some super-shrink sack disorder.

How many hours till it closes up-belly ring?

Your question isn't very clear, but I will give it a shot. The time it takes for a navel piercing to close or "heal up" depends on how long you have had the piercing. The longer the piercing has been in place with jewellery, the longer it will take for the piercing to close with the jewellery removed. Generally if you have had the piercing with jewellery over a year the piercing can take several months to shrink down to the point where you can't put jewellery into the piercing any longer. If you have only had the piercing for a few months then it can take a few weeks for the piercing to close.

If you put in a smaller tongue barbell will it be hard to get a larger one back in?

It might be. If you put in a barbell that is a smaller gauge than your piercing, then it is a possiblity (depending on how old the piercing is) that it may shrink down to the size of the gauge you have in it.

When can you stop lip rings becoming irreversible?

Any time you wish, as long as the piercing is over a year old you can remove it and the tissue will shrink down and over time (several months) the piercing will close completely.

Who is the comics character Salu Digby?

Salu Digby is the alter ego of Shrinking Violet. She has the ability to shrink from normal size to atomic size and any size in between.

Does follicle size decrease after ovulation?

yes they shrink back down to normal

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