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It sounds to me like the radiator is boiling.Make sure the radiator is full by removing the cap WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD. and filling it completely. This should fix it. GoodluckJoe

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Q: Is it normal for your car to make a light rhythmic thud at slow speeds and stop after refilling the coolant bottle?
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Why would the low coolant warning light come on when the coolant is at a normal level on a 96 Pontiac Sun fire 22L?

there is a sensor in the bottom of the coolant bottle, change this and you should be o.k. tap the sensor with a screw driver it will go out uts just stuck

Why is overflow bottle dark yellow?

Because the coolant is starting to age and is picking up contaminants.This is normal, BUT, you want to ensure the coolant is replaced before too much longer.I rather change coolant too soon / early than too late.

Why does 2000 Chevy Venture check coolant level message flash when level is OK?

If you are checking the coolant level at the overflow bottle, it may look normal (between the low & high marks). But the coolant level sensor is mounted on the passenger side of the radiator, down several inches from the top. In other words, you need to check the coolant level AT the radiator cap, but only when the engine is COLD. If it is OK at that point and the overflow bottle, then the coolant level sensor most likely needs to be replaced.

Does the coolant go in the radiator cap Isuzu trooper or in the odd shaped bottle to the right of it. how does that system work?

If it is marked coolant the funny bottle gets the coolant.How it works:As the engine warms the coolant the pressure in the system increases as a normal result of warming. The pressure is released by the radiator cap by bleeding excess coolant into the bottle.As the engine cools the reverse happens but the valve works at much lower pressure (vacuum) going back into the system.It also works this way to keep it topped up with no air in the actual cooling system.You can see the valve that allows coolant back into the radiator in the centre of the cap id you take it off.

Where is water added in a 1994 Honda Shadow 600 motorcycle?

The radiator cap is on the right hand side of the motorcycle, just behind the plastic shield trim in front of the gas tank. There is also a coolant overfow bottle on the right side of the motorcycle, behind the removable plastic panel there close to the rear. Coolant can be added there as well, by removing the rubber cap of the filler or bottle neck. Usually coolant is added at both the radiator cap and the coolant bottle. Don´t worry if you fill too much coolant since it will automatically drain itself out via an overflow hose as the engine gets to normal working temperature.

Why is low coolant warning light is on when the coolant level is normal on a 2002 Ford Taurus?

It has one. Sometimes they get stuck on even after you add coolant. Tap on the reservoir until the light goes off. Or you could always unplug the connector at the bottle and the light will go off. That's at your own risk of course because you won't know when you're low on coolant.

What is impact if someone mixed normal water in coolant?

It weakens the effect of the coolant.

Where does the coolant come out of the engine?

The normal direction of circulation in the coolant system would push the coolant out the thermostat opening.

What is the size of a normal bottle of wine?

The average bottle of wine comes in a 750ml bottle

What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

What is name of wine bottle twice size of normal bottle?

A Magnum

What is a Normal coolant temp?


What is the normal operating coolant temp for a 2000 corvette?

The 2000 Chevy Corvette normal operating coolant temperature is 195 degrees. You can install thermostats that will allow the coolant temperature to only run at 180 degrees.

What happens if engine coolant is put in while the car is off?

After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

Your coolant light of your 97 sunfire 2.2 came on and it is full with radiator fluid what else can this be the light wont go off?

There is a sensor that is in the overflow bottle that may be bad causing the "low coolant light" to illuminate. The coolant level switch is located on the bottom side of the coolant tank. The switch contains a reed switch and a magnetic float. When the coolant level is normal, the float rests away from the reed switch, causing the switch to be open. When the coolant level decreases in the coolant recovery tank below a specified level, the float rests on the reed switch and the switch closes, illuminating the LOW COOLANT light. The coolant level switch is a part of the coolant tank. If the switch needs to be replaced, the coolant tank must be replaced.

Is it normal for coolant water to go into the reservoir?

Yes- coolant reservoir is designed to accept excess coolant - As coolant heats up it will expand and flow to the coolant recovery tank (reservoir) and as it cools (contracts) it will be sucked back into the radiator

2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue still overheating after thermostat and water pump replaced. Car passes all head gasket tests no hydocarbons detected in the cooling system etc?

The Intrique, along with every other GM car made, are known to get clogged cooling systems. The DEX Cool coolant they use is one of the worst ideas out there. USually ranning a bottle of coolant flush, driving it, then flushing it out, then another bottle of flush, then driving it, then flushing it out, then another bottle of coolant flush, then refilling with standard green coolant, and installing a inline coolant filter, to get any more dexcool coolant particles. ---------------- In my professional opinion, Dexcool accelerates oxidation of parts, but does not directly cause clogging. A flush might not be a bad idea anyway. I'd recommend that universal yellow long-life instead of the green. -- 1. Remember when flushing to make sure the front of the condenser and/or radiator is not plugged with seeds, dirt, etc. You can clean this with a normal water hose. DO NOT use a pressure washer as this will bend the fins. 2. Verify that as the car is getting warm (on its way to hot) that the fans are working. If the fans are not working, check the coolant temp sensor before the fans themselves. Check fuses and relays. 3. Replace the coolant pressure cap. If it's not holding pressure, the system will overheat. Overheating is rarely a "plugged" issue on modern cars.

Normal coolant temp for buick lesabre 2002?


What is the normal coolant operating temperature for a C300?

190 degrees

How do you replace a coolant hose on a 2000 Malibu?

drain out coolant to a point were hose is clear, remove hose then replace,add coolant to bring up to normal level...will loose a bit of coolant but not much!!

What is the normal antifreeze level in the coolant recovery tank?

Normal antifreeze levels in the coolant recovery tank are around the half way point. This is usually marked with an Full or F on the side.

What will happen if to much coolant is in radiator and over flow?

Nothing all overfloo is extra coolant latter the car will be are on the normal level of coolant after a couple miles.of drive.

What is the normal coolant temperature 1996 cadillac deville?

Whats the normal temp for 1996 Cadillac devlle

How many liters in a normal shampoo bottle?


Should you believe that the little puddle of coolant under the right front of your 1994 corolla is merely overflow?

your Toyota should have an overflow bottle to retain the antifreeze during normal operations. Unless it is overfull, I would be looking for a leak.