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Q: Is it normal for your husband to like to wear your bras and panties?
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Is it normal for a male to like to were bras and panties?


Is it normal for your husband to wear panties?

no,loads of men were underpants(panties).they might think there comfortable or something like that Yes it is normal. Who cares what a person wears.

How can I get me best friends sister to dress me up as a girl like bras panties and all that stuff?

come out of the closet

Which companies sell bras and panties?

Bra and panties can be found for purchase at stores like Walmart, Lane Bryant, Cato, Victoria Secret or Target. These undergarments can be found at websites like eBay and Amazon too.

Are there any sports bras that still look like sexy normal bras?

Victoria's Secret is tryng to expand out and introduce a line of sports bras that have more of a sex appeal then the normal sports bras, but in the end it is still a sports bra.

Do boys wear bras and panties and why?

No, they don't need to because they have underwear of their own. Sometimes, if the boy feels like wearing one.

I am a boy I like to wear my sister's panties?

I hope your sister doesn't mind.

Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to like to wear there moms panties?

No. Ew.

Who are the fredericks of holllywood?

Fredericks of Hollywood is like a different version of Victoria Secret. It offers ladies intimates such as bras and panties, along with other clothing for women.

What should you do if you like wearing women?

I like wearing bras, panties, camis, v-neck tops, low-rise and skinny jeans. These clothes fit perfect and feel sexy.

Is it normal for my older sister's bras to fit me even though I'm a guy?

try it on and if you like it then try her panties... A bra can fit on a man with pecs, not just one with moobs. If normal or not depends on what the both of you look like. I also doubt there is enough research done on the matter to decide what is normal in this case.And this also means that you might be over weight.....but its okay nothing a little excercise can fix! :)

I lost a bet a need help for dressing up like a girly girl for a month so can you help me?

Panties, pantyhose, bras, dresses, makeup, high heels and earrings.

Are you normal if you like to poop your panties?

Well, it is just a fetish, and plenty of normal people have some type of strange fetish, so yes.

Should you buy your husband panties and skirts?

If that is what he wishes and you feel comfortable with it.If they did something extremly bad to you, like pantsed you, replace all his thightie whities with pink panties and all his jeans with skirts. That will show him!

Are bikinis like bras?

they are not like bras the material is completely different

Is it normal for my girlfriend to like sniffing her own panties?

well no, not really normal...kida kinky though, just cause something isn't "normal" doesnt mean its wrong or bad or just means not alot of people do it...sniff her panties, they usually smell really good

Did Justin Bieber have bras and panties thrown at him?

If his eventual experience on stage is anything like Tom Jones' meteoric rise, they will be the least of his on-stage problems! Wait til they start throwing their addresses and keys at him!

If you are 12 and wear a size seven women panies is that normal?

That depends. Panties have spandex in them which makes them hug your hips, so they aren't loose on your body. Pants aren't stretchy like panties which requires a bigger size and a belt, so it can be normal but that's more of a personal opinion.

Can a wife breastfeed her husband?

Breastfeeding your husband seems normal; it shows your true love and affection for him. I see breastfeeding your husband is like sex.

Do girls like boys who wear a bra and panties?

Usually, no. But some girls think it's really cool or brave for a boy to wear bras and panties. I don't think it's wrong, but a bit weird. But you should do whatever makes you comfortable.

Do sports bras come in different colors?

Yes, sports bras come in many different colors. If you like very colorful bras you should look into the bras available at

What if on all your panties there are bleach stains in the crotch area after wearing them What does this mean?

It means your vagina has discharged onto the panties and the discharge is acidic (which is normal). The acidic discharge dissolves the die in the crotch area giving it an appearance similar to what it would look like after putting bleach on it. If you continue wearing these panties and it discharges more, it can actually eat holes into the panties. No moths, just a discharging vagina.

Do guys like strapless or hook bras better on girls?

Guys like bras off girls. it doesnt matter.

Is it ok to wear girl panties if you like them?

This makes better sense than wearing girl panties because you don't like them.

Does Chantelle Bras sell minimizer style bras?

Yes chantelle bras do sell minimizer style bras. they can be found on many web sites like amazon, nordstrom, herrom, and bareneccessities. They sell the minimizer style bras as underwire.