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Q: Is it normal for your husband to like to wear your bras and panties?
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Is it normal for a male to like to were bras and panties?


Why some girls like wear no bra or panties with clothes?

Many women don't want to have the restrained feeling bras and panties can have.

In what century were panties and bras first introduced?

Panties and bras were developed at different times in history. The ancient Egyptians are known to have worn panty-like underwear as early as 1341 BC. Though occasionally Roman athletes wore garments similar to bras, modern bras were first introduced in were first introduced in the 14th century.

How can I get me best friends sister to dress me up as a girl like bras panties and all that stuff?

come out of the closet

Which companies sell bras and panties?

Bra and panties can be found for purchase at stores like Walmart, Lane Bryant, Cato, Victoria Secret or Target. These undergarments can be found at websites like eBay and Amazon too.

Are there any sports bras that still look like sexy normal bras?

Victoria's Secret is tryng to expand out and introduce a line of sports bras that have more of a sex appeal then the normal sports bras, but in the end it is still a sports bra.

Do boys wear bras and panties and why?

No, they don't need to because they have underwear of their own. Sometimes, if the boy feels like wearing one.

Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to like to wear there moms panties?

No. Ew.

Who are the fredericks of holllywood?

Fredericks of Hollywood is like a different version of Victoria Secret. It offers ladies intimates such as bras and panties, along with other clothing for women.

What should you do if you like wearing women?

I like wearing bras, panties, camis, v-neck tops, low-rise and skinny jeans. These clothes fit perfect and feel sexy.

Why do I like to smell dirty panties?

It is totally normal, a lot of people do this

I lost a bet a need help for dressing up like a girly girl for a month so can you help me?

Panties, pantyhose, bras, dresses, makeup, high heels and earrings.

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