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Yes, I believe that it is fairly common for womens nipples to darken during pregnancy. yes, nipples and aureola, as well as labia may darken. Also you may notice a dark line that goes from your navel down to your pubic area. Some women also get dark splotches on their face and other parts of the body, but this is not as common.

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Q: Is it normal for your nipples to change color when you are first pregnant?
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Why do the nipples of a female dog change color?

A female dog's nipples will change color when it is pregnant. They usually change to a brighter red color, and usually grow.

Nipples become lighter color?

Nipples become darker when pregnant

When cats nipples get WHITE does it mean that its pregnant?

no. cats nipples are normally white. If she is pregnant you Will notice a change in the nipples from white to Rosy pink color in 2 to weeks gestation. Though not all cats nipples change it its their first litter. She will crave more of you attention aswell. hope this helped

How do you have pink nipples?

You cannot change the color of your nipples

Is it normal for a womans vagina to change color and swell when pregnant?

yes.swell i really don't know but the color change is called the chadwicks sign it is definitely normal

Is it normal for your nipples to get darker and then lighter towards end of pregnancy?

Changes in hormone levels during your pregnancy will change the appearance of your aureolas and nipples throughout pregnancy and afterwords as well. They can change in shape and color at anytime.

How do you get a pinkish nipples?

You either have them or you don't. You can not change the color.

Is it normal to have big breasts and small nipples?

Yes. Nipples are different depending on your skin type, color, etc. Having a tiny nose is just as normal.

Why have my nipples changed color?

I'm 20, I haven't had sex in over a year, but my nipples have gotten darker. They went from a pink colour to a brownish colour. Is this normal?

How do your nipples look when you're pregnant?

they look bigger and the color is darker and theirs this white spotting dots aroud it

Is it normal for nipples to have little spots?

The little bumps around them and the areola are normal- they are called Montgomery glands and keep your breasts protected with skin oil. Slight changes in color are also normal. Extreme changes in color are not.

How dark does gets the breast while you're pregnant?

Sometimes your nipples will get darker during pregnancy. This is caused by hormones. Your nipples will go back to their original color once the baby is born.

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