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The first 2 to 3 months you are on any type of Birth Control it is normal to have breakthrough bleeding and spotting and to have shorter and more regular periods while you are on birth control hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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2006-03-27 00:48:36
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Q: Is it normal if you just started the nuva ring and you were spotting brown blood for the longest time and now you took it out for a week and you have your period for two days and it has stopped?
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I got my periods late this month but when they started they were normal they stopped in 4 days and now on the 10th and 11th day i see heavy spotting again is it normal?

Sometimes hey have their periods interupted.

Is it normal to have brown spotting while on the pill?

Yes, it is normal to have brown spotting while on the pill, particularly if you have recently started taking it or have changed brands. Brown spotting while on the pill can occur in place of a regular period.

What does it mean when you are on the pill and spotting?

it is completely normal. especially if you have just started using birth control.

Is it normal to spot a day after your period has stopped?

make sure you have your tampon out believe it or not that happens to alot of womrn and if you dont weartampons then thats fine spotting is normal

Is light spotting normal if your not pregnant?

Spotting is not normal, but very common that some consider it a normal variation of menstruation.

8 weeks pregnant and spotting is this normal?

8 weeks pregnant and spotting after sex is this normal

Is it normal to have clotts of blood when spotting?

no it is not normal

You take the morning after pill you get your period when your sopposed too and your period is normal but after its done you have spotting is that normal?

Spotting is very normal while on the pill. After a few months you shouldn't have any spotting.

Is 'spotting only' period normal?

No spotting only period is not normal. You should consult you gynae for such case.

Is spotting an aftereffect of birth control pills?

If you've stopped taking BC pills then yes. If you haven't stopped BC pills then this isn't normal and you should see your DR as you may need your doseage changed.

What does it mean if you had your period and started spotting for 3 days?

It could still be your period. When I was 18 I got my normal period,then started spotting a few days after.(that had never happened before) Turns out,I was pregnant.So,it's either still your period,or you're pregnant.

Is brown spotting after your period normal?

yes it is normal

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