Is it normal not to be hungry while pregnant?


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Well If Depression Was Caused While In Pregantcy Yes, It Is Normal!


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Yes it is very normal to be hungry right after you eat,

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

It is sometimes normal if they have been pregnant for a while.

Of course it's normal. Actually, it's quite usual. Most women feel nauseous during the first trimester of pregnancy and because of it it's completely normal not to feel hungry all the time. The sensation of constant hunger appears late in the pregnancy.

Yes; it is completely normal.

yes it is normal, because everyone reacts diffrently to pregnency.

No, it is not normal. You should consult a doctor.

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

Yes, it is normal to sometimes feel depressed while pregnant due to the hormonal changes taking place at the time.

Is it normal?No. It is NOT normal to have your period at this time. YES you can have a period while pregnant. Some women don't realise they are pregnant til a few months gone because they have gotten their period. Get checked out by a doctor immediately!

there are an unfortunate few that have normal periods while pregnant

yes you dont usually get more hungrier until about 4months or more.

Yes. You should live as normal.

Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

You can take normal dose of diphenhydramine (benadryl) when you are pregnant.

Yes, you can have a pap smear while pregnant. Pap smears are a normal part of prenatal care.

Yes it is normal, especially later in pregnancy.

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

the answer to your question is yes it is very normal to get your period while pregnant it is nothing to worry about.While you are pregnant you don't get a period, but you may have spotting. If you think your pregnant take test.

There is nothing unsafe about caring for your fish while pregnant, so you can continue as normal

To a point. Go to your midwife to be sure.

yes it is normal but if you are clotting to much you need to get checked.

The first time i got pregnant i didn't have headaches but was very hungry! Then i would eat something and it would completely gross me out. I've had lots of friends tell me they had bad headaches while being pregnant though! Goodluck if your are!!!! its truly a blessing

no, i highly recommend you see a doctor.

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