Is it normal not to get your period with the IUD after having it in for almost 2 years?

Your question is a common question, after I had my birth controll planted the (IUD) I did not get my period for three months now I get it every month with light spotting the reason you may not get your period is that the IUD puts out slow release hormone to thin the viginal lining so a fertalized egg can not inplant it self, two years is verry uncommon yes but the best thing you can do for your self is to check with your doctor or even go to a porfessional OB/GYN. Also having the IUD you should check your self every month to feel the stings( DO NOT PULL IT OUT YOURSELF!) doing so could rip your cirvix! Have your doc do it. Your IUD should be checked every six months with a Pap at least once a year.