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Well it was normal for me I would have a period for a month sometimes, maybe four days I would not then hey another period .Doctors said stress which plays with your hormones that affects your period. at that time I was in my early 20's they put me on the pill to regulate period, see your GYN doctor..good luck

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Q: Is it normal to bleed again a week after your period?
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You finished your period last week and exactly a week you started your period again is that normal?

doesn't sound normal

Im having your period soon after your first finished 1 week after the first is this normal?

Hi, Having a period 1 week after you just finished is nothing to worry about. If you bleed AGAIN next week, then see your doctor. If this is your first period then it is normal. If this hasn't happened to you before then see your doctor for a check up of your hormones and to rule out pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if your period was over a week late and then you bleed but it was much lighter and shorter then your normal period?

Yes, prenancy is a possibility.

Is a 10 week menstrual period dangerous?

The reason why you bleed for 10 weeks can be and you can go anemic but hardly bleed to death. See a doctor since this is not normal.

When can you expect to have a period after you discontinue the NuvaRing on your first week of use?

If you inserted NuvaRing during your period, you're likely to bleed again in two to four weeks.

What should you do if you miss a week of birth control and are now bleeding like you have a period?

Nothing, this is a perfectly normal withdrawal bleed from missing your pills.

What does it mean when you have a period for more then a week being on the depo shot?

its normal for you to have hevey spotting on your first round. i bleed for nearly a month my first round.

Can you still have your period and be pregnant i am 17yrsold the condom broke 2weeks before my period and then again about 1 week before but i had a period which only lasted 4days and wasnt reg.?

You can have a light or unusual period bleed and be pregnant, yes.

What does it mean when you have period just last two days?

If you have just come of the pill (up to year) it may be that your body is still readjusting to a normal rythym. A two day bleed around a week prior to when your period is due may be an early sign of pregnancy being an implantation/spotting bleed. A two day period may just be completely normal. The average bleed consists of 40ml.

If you start your period and its normal for that week and then three or four days later it starts again heavy what does that mean?

this happened to me to. what is it?

If you stop eating for a week then start again how long will it take you metabolism to return to normal again?

It'll take about 2 or so weeks for it to return to normal. Exercising can help speed it up to about a 1-week recovery period, though.

Is it normal to bleed heavily in your 14th week of pregnancy?

No, see a doctor immediately.

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