Is it normal to bleed for two weeks after a miscarriage stop bleeding for a week and then bleed for another three weeks?


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Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can take several months for your body to get back to normal.

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Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

Bleeding during pregnancy is not normal. Any bleeding can indicate a threatened miscarriage. See your doctor.

Internal bleeding is when you bleed on the inside as where normal bleeding is where you bleed on the outside

If the bleeding wasn't heavy this should be normal, but anytime you bleed you should let your doctor know right away.

no,it is a sign of miscarriage.

It is normal to spot lightly-medium bleeding. If you are bleeding very heavily go to the doctor, this isn't normal for most to costantly bleed

normal bleeding will be the same as a normal period if a women misscarried she minght encounter servre stomache aches and pains low abdominal pains and a very much more heavier bleed may be slightly darker in color and alot heavier

Bleeding from the penis is never normal.

No it is not normal. You should see a doctor if you are bleeding from you anal

yeah you bleed when you give birth

Normal bleeding can last for 1-4 weeks but if you are worried or if it goes on longer or you bleed the same amount the whole time you should to see a doctor.

you can still bleed for quite awhile after a miscarriage, i bled for nearly 3 weeks when i lost mine and it is perfectly normal. Your body will gradually adjust itself but if you have any concerns then speak to your gp or nurse

You must bleed to miscarry. Your body has built up an environment for the baby which must be expelled from the body once the pregnancy dies. It does this by bleeding. That said, bleeding during a pregnancy does not indicate a miscarriage. There are many other reasons to bleed while pregnant. But you should get all bleeding checked up on. Bleeding is not always the first sign of a miscarriage. Other things that you may experience are cramps and loss of your pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

It depends on the person I bleed for 5 days after my miscarriage

Well if your bleeding and you're pregnant it doesn't mean you have had a miscariage but you should go to a doctors right away

Yes. Some doesn't bleed at all but need a D&C to get the remains out.

Yes. If you are pregnant and are bleeding and cramping, go to the E.R. immediately. There are other complications that can cause bleeding and when medical help is sought soon enough, it may be possible to avoid miscarriage.

Normal bleed after a miscarriage is 1-2 weeks so it's not your period. You get your period back sometimes within 8 weeks from the miscarriage.

While many women who miscarry will start with only spotting, it is possible that the first sign of miscarriage can be heavy bleeding, possibly with clot or tissue passage.

it depends what you are bleeding from. if you have a nose bleed then it shouldn't bleed for long. if it is a paper cut it shouldn't bleed long. usually if you treat the wound correctly depending on what it is the bleeding should stop within a couple of minuts. it can be bad to bleed for a long time, even fatal

No, bleeding is never normal - the idea that you should bleed when you have sex the first time is a myth, you should never experience bleeding when you are having sex or engaging in sexual activity. Chances are you bled when you were being fingered because your partner was rough so damaged vaginal tissues, it's normal for you not to bleed when you have sex.

It could be a cervical change that can cause vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Another cause for bleeding during pregnancy is a miscarriage although the first two reasons for bleeding are more common, it is still a good idea to contact your doctor if you are too concerned.

Yes, it is normal to have some light bleeding within the first month that you get pregnant this is known as implantation bleeding, where the fertilized egg is implanting into your uterus.

Not to scare you, but it is NOT normal to bleed when your pregnant. If your only bleeding a small amount, this could mean you have an ECTOPIC pregnancy where the egg fertilizes in the fallopian tubes instead of the ovary, and starts to grow: this will result in death of the baby, and possibly fatal to you, if not checked out soon enough. If you start to bleed more, this could be an unfortunate miscarriage.

Yes, for a woman, bleeding is normal after the first time she has sex. However, not every woman bleeds when she loses her virginity, but many do. After that, it would only be normal to bleed if there is an injury or menstruation.

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