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Is it normal to feel head pressure?

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Typically, the pressure inside and outside your head is equalized, which is a good thing since the atmosphere on Earth is applying over 14 pounds per square inch to your skull. But if you have chronic sinus problems, or if your Eustachian tubes are clogged because of infection, proper equalization cannot occur and pain results. So, no, it isn't normal, and you should see a doctor. He may prescribe some sort of decongestant.

2006-09-13 03:26:28
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Q: Is it normal to feel head pressure?
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Yes, it is very normal to have head pressure when you need to get your molars out. Teeth pain can cause a lot of pain in your head.

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Right after hitting your head, yes. But it should only feel like that for a small amount of time. If it continues, GET TO A DOCTOR

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This can be a sign of high blood pressure. It can be a symptom of a few things. You can find better info if you use this link below.

Whenever you stand you feel lots of pressure in your pelvic and vagina at 30 weeks of pregnancy?

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