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Q: Is it normal to feel hot only at night with breast tenderness 4 days past ovulation and be pregnant?
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You are getting swollen breasts at ovulation is this normal?

Swelling and tenderness of the breasts around ovulation time can be normal.

Is it normal for breast tenderness and pain after your period and all day?

yes. it is.

Is it normal to have extremely sore breasts between ovulation and menstruation when you're not pregnant?

Yes, some women do get extremely sore breast premenstrually.

Is ovulation and sore nipples sign of pregnancy or hormone imbalance?

You don't ovulate if you are pregnant and if you are not pregnant ovulation is perfectly normal.

My breast are leaking and I'm not pregnant is that normal?

it is normal for my breast to leak if i'm not preagnant?

Never had sore breast as a result of map is this normal?

Yes breast tenderness (PAIN!) is a very common side effect of Plan B.

Is their something wrong if your 6 months pregnant but your breast are driving crazy?

The breast tenderness is "normal," and very common. Estrogen levels climb during pregnancy and so breasts can become very tender. I had the same problem, as do many women.

Can you breast hurt during period?

Yes. There are many possible causes for breast pain. For example, hormone level changes related to menstruation or pregnancy are often responsible for breast tenderness. Some degree of swelling and tenderness just before your period is normal.

Can you get pregnant before your first postpartum period?

You can still get pregnant before you get your period after having a baby. Due to the pregnancy your normal ovulation time could be different. Though if you are breast feeding regularly your cycle may be altered and this can also lower the chances of becoming pregnant, due to certain hormones that breast feeding releases.

Is it normal to have clear like fluids come out of your breast if your not pregnant?


Can you always get a women pregnant?

Getting pregnant depends on several criteria : woman's age ovulation normal womb menstruation cycle enough and normal sperms

Is it normal to lose breast soreness at 20 weeks?

Yes it is normal. Most of the time by your 2nd trimester nausea, breast tenderness & any other symptoms go away. It's supposed to be the easiest trimester.

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