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Is it normal to get burning breasts during early pregnancy or could it be PMS week and half early?


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Just to be sure you should take a pregnancy test. If you go to walmart they range from about 10-25 dollars. If you still aren't sure go to your local health clinic and talk to a nurse there. If it is still 10 days to your period even if an egg was fertilised it will not yet have implanted so it is impossible to have pregnancy symptoms.


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No, but the nipples will, yet they will return to their normal size, however the female breasts will enlarge during pregnancy.

Burning during urination is never normal even during pregnancy. Go to the doctors and be tested for a urinary tract infection. However, UTI's are common in pregnant women.

what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy? what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy?

Take heart. EVERYTHING is normal during pregnancy!

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

Yes you could, you get all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

As with many of the pregnancy symptoms, it is quite possible to not experience them and still have a perfectly normal pregnancy. Many women do not notice a change in their breasts at all.

I don't know, but I have had the same issue lately. My breasts exploded 4 cup sizes up to this 7th months and now have started shrinking!?!

is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

I'm seventeen weeks into my fourth pregnancy and this is the first time that I've experienced tender breasts. After three, I thought I was a pro and knew exactly what to expect. But I'm still getting surprises! It's true that every pregnancy is different. early on in the pregnancy they will get tender and be freakin sore....

Bleeding during pregnancy is not "normal" but some light spotting is reported by about 50% of women in early pregnancy.

no their is not its normal to blead during pregnancy.

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

Its normal to have random smells and cravings during pregnancy.

Bleeding During Pregnancy Can be NormalBleeding during pregnancy is often nothing to be alarmed about. Early in the first trimester many women have light bleeding just about the time they get their periods. The hormones of pregnancy take some time to get established and this is a normal response to those adjustments.

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

A small amount of milk leakage is quite normal. Th breasts are becoming active in their intended function, which is to provide nourishment for the baby.

This is perfectly normal. It is caused by the hormones during pregnancy

yes, increased sensitivity to the area is normal during pregnancy.

It is normal for this to happen during pregnancy. Your doctor will not treat this. He will say it is normal for you.

Is it normal if woman have blood during 8 month of pregnancy for one or two days?

Through out your pregnancy the lactating glands were spontaneously working in preparing milk for your Baby... that is why your breast were very large and tender during pregnancy... Now after birth when you have started feeding your baby the breasts will come to its normal size which you will feel like suddenly it has become very small....

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